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Registration for the green card lottery has begun

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The US Department of State Passport Service has begun accepting applications for the 2018 Green Card Lottery. You can take part in the DV-2018 lottery by filling out the questionnaire from October 4 to November 7.

Clause 203 of the United States Immigration and Citizenship Act (INA), adopted in 1965, provides an opportunity to receive green cards from the category of immigrants from countries with a historically low level of immigration to the United States.

The number of green cards played by lottery is limited every year. No country can get more than 7% of the total number of played green cards. The list of countries whose citizens can participate in the lottery is listed in section on the website of the passport service.

Participation in the draw of green cards is free, so you should beware of fraud companies that offer to apply for money.

The green card is a certificate of permanent resident of the United States of America (Form I-551), confirming the legal status of stay in the country.

Getting a green card through a lottery is one of several existing optionsthat citizens of other countries have. It is suitable for everyone who has completed a secondary education or vocational education that requires at least 2-years of study.

Filling in the questionnaire on the official website between October and November takes about 10 minutes. On the first Monday of May each year, the computer randomly selects 50 thousands of winners. If no luck 1 times, you can try again.

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