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A record number of immigrants voted in the 2020 elections: who are they and where they live in the USA

In 2020, a record number of immigrants voted in the US presidential elections - in twenty years the size of the electorate in this category almost doubled to 23,2 million people, according to a study Pew.

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In recent years, more and more immigrants living in the United States have naturalized. According to the US Department of Homeland Security, 2009 million immigrants became citizens between 2019 and 7,2.

Immigrant voters in the country come from a variety of backgrounds. Most of those eligible to vote are Hispanics or Asians, although they hail from different parts of the world. Immigrants from Mexico make up the largest group at 16% of foreign voters. Two thirds of all immigrants have lived in the United States for more than 20 years, and 63% are fluent in English.

Hispanics, who number 7,5 million, make up 34% of all immigrants who are eligible to vote. 6,9 million Asian immigrants with the right to vote make up 31% of the foreign-born electorate.

White immigrants with the right to vote (4,8 million) are the third largest racial and ethnic group, making up 22% of the immigrant electorate. Black immigrants with the right to vote (2,3 million) make up the smallest proportion of the immigrant electorate included in this analysis.

Most of the 23 million immigrants (61%) eligible to vote in the 2020 elections live in just five states, writes Pew... California has more immigrant voters (5,5 million) than any other state, more than New York (2,5 million) and Florida (2,5 million) combined. Rounding out the top five are Texas and New Jersey with 1,8 million and 1,2 million eligible immigrants, respectively.

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Here's a more detailed overview of immigrant voters eligible to vote in these five states.


Asians make up 43% of California's eligible immigrants, the highest of any racial or ethnic group. Nationally, Hispanics make up a higher proportion of immigrants with the right to vote than Asians (34% versus 31%), but the opposite is true in California, where many Hispanic immigrants are not eligible to vote because they do not have US citizenship.

  • Election results: in the state, Joe Biden bypassed Donald Trump with 63,7% of the vote (10) against 928% (464).

New York

New York City stands out for the racial and ethnic diversity of immigrants with the right to vote. Asians (26%), Hispanics (25%), and whites (25%) make up a similar proportion of immigrants with the right to vote in the state, while black immigrants (21%) make up a slightly smaller proportion.

In New York City, no country of birth constitutes a large proportion of immigrants who can vote; about a quarter of voters born abroad come from the three largest countries of origin: the Dominican Republic, China and Jamaica.

  • Election results: in the state, Joe Biden bypassed Donald Trump with 56,5% of the vote (3) against 919% (717).


Hispanics make up 54% of the immigrants eligible to vote in Florida, much higher than the proportion of white, black, and Asian immigrant voters in the state (17%, 16%, and 10%, respectively). Cuban immigrants, with 606 voters, make up the largest group of voters born overseas in Florida. Colombian immigrants (000) and immigrants from Haiti (190) make up the second and third largest groups.

  • Election results: in the state, Donald Trump bypassed Joe Biden with 51,2% of the vote (5) versus 668% (731).


Texas rivals Florida for the percentage of Hispanic immigrant voters. Roughly half (52%) of all eligible immigrants in Texas are Hispanic, a share second only to Florida (54%) among the top states. Asian immigrants are the second largest group in Texas with 29%.

By country of birth, Mexican immigrants alone represent 40% of all immigrant voters in Texas, or 736 people. The second largest group, with 000 voters, are Vietnamese immigrants, and Indian immigrants (130 voters) make up the third group in the state.

  • Election results: in the state, Donald Trump bypassed Joe Biden with 52,1% of the vote (5) versus 874% (547).

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New Jersey

New Jersey has the highest proportion of eligible Asian immigrants with a bachelor's degree or higher. About two-thirds of Asian immigrant voters in New Jersey (66%) have a bachelor's degree or higher. This is significantly higher than the share of other immigrant voters in the state and the share of immigrant voters in the United States as a whole (36%), including Asians.

Of the 1,2 million immigrants who can vote in New Jersey, 32% are Hispanics, 30% are Asians, 25% are whites and 11% are blacks. Major countries of birth: India (122 voters), the Dominican Republic (000) and the Philippines (103).

  • Election results: in the state, Joe Biden bypassed Donald Trump with 57,3% of the vote (2) against 509% (922).
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