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Mail can stop delivering to your street if dogs run along it: the case of a small town in Missouri

A quiet street on South Market Avenue in Springfield, Missouri, has encountered an unexpected problem: The United States Postal Service (USPS) has suspended mail delivery to the area. Writes about it KY3.

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For the past month, residents have been left without the usual postal service, which has led to disappointment and inconvenience.

“This creates problems. For example, I had two overdue bills, and I did not know about it, because I was waiting for the letters to come in the mail, ”said Stepvon Jackson.

The issue revolves around a seemingly small but important factor - having a dog.

Biscuit is a dog who inadvertently disrupted mail delivery in the area. According to witnesses, he previously met with the postman. But despite claims from neighbors that he was a friendly, non-threatening dog, Biscuit was sprayed with pepper spray by a postman during the incident.

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“Obviously he doesn’t know Biscuit,” suggested neighbor David Patrick.

He says the mail carrier overreacted to the dog, causing the mail delivery to be suspended.

Mark Inglett, USPS spokesperson, commented: "Basically our protocol is that if there is a risk of a bite or injury, we notify the owner."

Although Biscuit's owner admitted to being notified of the incident, he did not anticipate the extent to which the area would be affected.

Residents are now experiencing inconvenience due to the lack of mail. Those without alternative transport face additional challenges.

“I know this is a huge inconvenience for those who don't have a car,” admitted Patrick.

The consequences of suspending mail delivery are far-reaching. Some residents have been left without access to essential medications because of this, while others have missed important bills and are now struggling with the consequences.

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“The insurance company said that they will suspend the issuance of my drugs until we resolve the situation,” said John Koch.

In response to concerns from residents in the area, authorities have proposed installing a public mailbox on the street. However, no specific timeline was given as neighbors were informed that permits were required to install a mailbox.

Frustrated by the ongoing riots, residents wonder why the entire street is being punished for the actions of one dog.

“The postman delivers letters right down the street,” Jackson said. - We are watching him. And every lunchtime this postman is near my house, but he can’t deliver my mail home.”

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