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Hurricane Hannah hits Texas: Trump's border wall damaged

As Hurricane Hannah hit Texas at nearly 145 kilometers per hour, Governor Greg Abbott issued a state of emergency warning for 32 counties in the state. Writes about it Euro News.

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Greg Abbott also said that the hurricane will become an additional problem for emergency services due to the sharp increase in the number of cases of coronavirus infection.

Heavy storms together with rain can cause tornadoes. Several hundred evacuation shelters are planned to open across the state.

The first landfall of a Category 1 hurricane occurred north of Port Mansfield, 209 kilometers south of Corpus Christi, and the second was in eastern Kenedy County.

US Vice President Mike Pence urged the local population to find a safe place and stay there.

Screenshot: Twitter / @ Mike_Pence

Tropical depression

Hurricane Hanna weakened to a tropical depression after hitting Texas, writes CNN.

“Any hurricane is a huge problem,” said Greg Abbott. "This one is even more serious as it covered the area that was affected by COVID-19."

By Sunday evening, the hurricane had weakened to a tropical depression, with sustained winds of 35 mph (56 km). However, it still posed a flood threat in the Rio Grande Valley, where over a foot of rain (30 cm) fell.

Hidalgo County, Texas, remains in an emergency. Flash flooding can occur here. Roads and highways are under water. Parts of southern Texas still have the chance of 2-4 inches (5-10 cm) rain and tornadoes.

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In Corpus Christi, part of a popular pier collapsed, and the South Texas Art Museum was hit by flooding.

Officials in Hidalgo County, where several affected cities are located, reported overcrowded hospitals, and authorities asked residents to take shelter at home.

“During a hurricane, people come together to take cover. This could affect the spread of the coronavirus. So we ask everyone to stay at home in a safe place, ”Abbott said.

Large scale flooding

Some of Texas's southernmost regions have received over a foot (30 cm) of rainfall, according to CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam.

This led to widespread flooding in the Rio Grande Valley, where the National Weather Service declared an emergency. There have been numerous reports of assistance, mainly from motorists stuck in flood waters.

“Floods continue, including flash floods. At first, it seems like it is raining a little, and then, after a few minutes, it “could turn into a real flood,” the governor said.

Meanwhile, Van Dam said, another potential storm that could develop over the next five days has formed behind Hannah in the Atlantic Ocean.

Thousands without electricity

The Meteorological Service said tropical storm winds in parts of Texas caused power outages and damaged buildings and trees.

Mission, Texas, officials said thousands of residents were left without electricity after high winds damaged power lines and traffic lights.

“The repair crews need to take cover because of the speed of wind and rain,” the authorities said. "Crews will continue to respond to disruptions when it is safe to do so."

Border wall damaged

The wall of US President Donald Trump, which is being built on the US-Mexico border, was also hit by the hurricane. A video posted on Twitter shows part of the wall crumbling due to strong winds.

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