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A large-scale explosion occurred at a mine in Russia: 52 people died

In the Kemerovo region (Russia) on November 25, a large-scale explosion occurred at the Listvyazhnaya coal mine. According to the latest data, 52 people were killed. One was saved. At the time of the explosion, there were at least 285 people in the mine. The details of the tragedy were shared by the publication with the BBC.

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When the explosion thundered, 239 people managed to quickly rise to the surface.

Among the dead are miners and 6 rescuers who participated in the search - they suffocated. So far, the mine rescuers have been able to get to the surface only the bodies of six victims - three miners and three rescuers.

On November 26, it became known that rescuers found one survivor, writes with the BBC.

“Rescuers stumbled upon him, he was conscious, moving around the mine himself. Helped him to the surface. This is really an amazing event, ”said the Governor of the Kemerovo Region Sergei Tsivilev.

The survivor was rescuer Alexander Zakovryashin, who had disappeared the day before during an operation to search for miners. Head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry Alexander Chupriyan. Zakovryashin is a medic; in the mine he provided first aid to the injured. He was diagnosed with hypothermia, poisoning by combustion products and dehydration.

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Smoke is known to have occurred at a depth of 250 meters. It is officially recognized that it was caused by a methane explosion, but the final conclusions will be made by a special commission.

The leaders of the mine were detained by the police.

“All the remaining miners are presumably located in two distant roadways, there is no communication with them yet,” the authorities said in a preliminary report. - The gas situation in the surveyed areas is safe, smoke is weak. They cannot get out on their own because of the strong smoke and the distant location of the drift. Rescuers are sent to them. "

The regional center for disaster medicine clarified that the victims were poisoned by the products of combustion, but they did not have any injuries.

What happened

An explosion occurred in the ventilation drift at a depth of 250 meters. Then a fire broke out.

“At 09:08 they called on the phone and said that there was smoke. After 15 minutes, it was clarified that there was an explosion in ventilation drift No. 823, and that people were leaving the mine to the surface, ”said a representative of Rostekhnadzor.

The administration of the mine reported that after the smoke was filled, the miners independently ascended to the surface.

“During the initial investigative actions, it was established that the managers violated the industrial safety requirements of hazardous production facilities. As a result, a gas-dynamic phenomenon occurred. Smoke began to fill the ventilation drift of section No. 4, as a result of which the workers who were in the mine suffocated, "the department of the Investigative Committee of Russia said.

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The Listvyazhnaya mine develops the reserves of the Egozovo-Krasnoyarsk coal deposit. In August 2012, Dmitry Medvedev, who was then prime minister, descended into this mine.

What happens now

On the eve, the search was interrupted due to the strong gas pollution of the mine. In the morning, the governor announced the resumption of mine rescue work.

As the official explained, rescuers are isolating a section of mine workings, which will naturally be filled with methane. When the gas is distributed in this area, the risk of explosion will be reduced.

According to the governor, such degassing will take three days.

“After that, the headquarters will make a decision on further prospecting work in the mine,” Tsivilev said.

In parallel, during these three days, rescuers will continue to eliminate the consequences of the fire - they will drill a well to extinguish possible fires in the mine.

There was already a fire in the mine

The wife of one of the miners told the reporter that, according to her information, on November 15 there was already a fire at the mine, which the miners extinguished themselves. According to her version, the cause of the fire then was the excess of the methane content. Then the miners went down to the mine again.

“They didn’t get confused themselves, they put out the fire in the mine on their own. Just a few days have passed, and now my husband is gone. And everyone knew it. Rospotrebnadzor checked everything. And what did they check there? This methane went off scale for a long time! " - the woman asserts.

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