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At a rodeo in Oregon, a bull jumped a fence and injured four spectators.

During a rodeo in Oregon, a bull jumped a fence and injured four spectators. The incident occurred on June 8 at a Sisters Rodeo performance. The animal easily cleared the nearly 6-foot (180 cm) fence and rushed into the crowd. Four people suffered minor injuries, two victims were taken to a local hospital, but were soon released, reports Fox News.

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The bull did not run far: he crossed the spectator area, jumped out through the gate, but was quickly caught and returned to the pen.

“This is a first in our company's history,” said Brian Witt, vice president of Sisters Rodeo. “I spoke to our contractors who brought this bull in and they said it was very unusual behavior.” This, they say, has only happened a few times in their entire career. It's possible on a farm, but never at a rodeo."

One of the spectators, Danielle Smithers, captured the incident on video.

Brian Witt said livestock handlers responded quickly, catching the bull and penning it. He emphasized that the animal was not chasing anyone, it was just scared and trying to return to the pen.

“The bull did not try to attack people. The animal was simply trying to return to its herd. We were lucky that there were no additional problems. All services were excellent. Assistance was provided to the victims immediately, and the ranchers responded very quickly to cope with the dangerous situation,” explained the vice president of Sisters Rodeo.

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The company he heads released an official statement saying:

“We wish the best to all those affected. The safety of our fans is the company's highest priority and we appreciate their support."

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