Banksy graffiti appeared on a building destroyed by the war in Ukraine

The world-famous graffiti artist Banksy has published his new work, and it appeared on the ruined building in Borodyanka. Later, in the Kyiv region and the capital of Ukraine, several more works in his style were discovered, but whether they belong to him is still unknown. Writes about it New Time.

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Ukrainians collected photos of works allegedly by Banksy that appeared in Kyiv and the capital region, after which rumors spread that an anonymous English underground street artist had visited Ukraine.

Graffiti on the ruins of a house in Borodyanka shows a gymnast standing on her hands. Banksy published a photo of this particular work on his Instagram account and signed: “Borodyanka, Ukraine.”

Another unclaimed Banksy-style work depicts a man who looks like Vladimir Putin being beaten by a small boy with judo. This is a reference to the fact that the President of the Russian Federation is a judoka. This drawing was noticed on one of the damaged buildings in the same Borodyanka.

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The third drawing, most likely also created by Banksy, shows a gymnast with a bandage around her neck. Above a hole in the wall of one of the buildings in Irpin, she performs an exercise with a gymnastic ribbon.

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A few more Banksy-style works depict a girl and a boy sitting on an anti-tank hedgehog, like on a swing. The drawing was made on a concrete defense block in Kyiv.

In the village of Gorenka, Buchansky district, characteristic graffiti was also noticed. An image of a man with a long beard taking a bath appeared on the wall of the destroyed apartment building.

Ukrainian photographer Sasha Maslov discovered another graffiti in Gostomel. He even tagged Banksy in his post. An image of a man in a bathrobe with a gas mask put on his head and a fire extinguisher in his hands appeared on the wall of the burned-out house.

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Banksy is considered one of the most famous yet anonymous graffiti artists in the world. He became famous for screen designs in Bristol in the early 1990s. Over time, his work began to appear around the world, including in Paris and New York.

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