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'No one' won the Nevada primaries: Trump was not on the ballot, and no one wanted to vote for Haley

On February 6, no candidate received a majority of votes in the Nevada Republican primary. This was a blow to former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who essentially ran without her main competitor, reports USAToday.

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Haley received just 32,4% of the vote, compared to 61,2% for the "None of These Candidates" option. But she still technically won because Nevada law awards victory to the candidate who gets more votes than the others, not counting the "None of These Candidates" option.

Nevada law requires that voters be given the opportunity to vote against everyone.

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Haley decided to participate in yesterday's primaries, which were officially boycotted by the Republican Party, instead of the caucuses that the party is organizing tomorrow, February 8th. By doing this, the former US ambassador to the UN effectively gave up the opportunity to win over delegates from her party.

Haley didn't bet on Nevada

Donald Trump skipped the primaries in favor of caucuses that analysts said were designed to help him win.

“This is one of the most awkward situations I have seen in all my years of covering politics. The "major" presidential candidate loses to "None of These Candidates," wrote Nevada political commentator and editor of The Nevada Independent John Ralston.

Dan Lee, an assistant professor of political science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, said Haley's "loss" was predictable given that Trump was not on the ballot but his supporters could vote in both the primaries and caucuses.

State officials said they were not aware of any similar instance in which Nevada voters overwhelmingly chose the "None of These Candidates" option in a presidential primary.

“This was the most likely outcome, since Trump is not on the ballot—his voters obviously voted for 'None of These Candidates,'” Lee suggested. “Trump will talk about it, make fun of Haley. He will start promoting this issue, and at the same time he will be able to say that he won the caucuses.”

Lee said it's likely Haley's campaign was considering whether it could get more votes in the primaries than Trump would get in the caucuses. The headquarters made plans to simply cede the territory.

“She didn't actually campaign here. It just wasn’t worth the effort,” Lee noted.

Haley's campaign said it did not campaign in Nevada because it would be a waste of resources in a state favored by Trump.

“Even Donald Trump knows that when you play slot machines for pennies, the casino wins,” said Haley campaign spokeswoman Olivia Perez-Cubas. “We didn’t bother to play the game that Trump won long ago.” We are full steam ahead in South Carolina and beyond.”

“Bad night for Nikki Haley. Losing by nearly 30 points in Nevada to "None of These Candidates." Look, she will soon win! Trump wrote on Truth Social.

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A Trump aide was also quick to ridicule Haley. “South Carolina will be in even more trouble,” Trump campaign adviser Chris LaCivita tweeted. "@NikkiHaley's crazy tour continues."

Nevada Republican Michael Holton, who works in manufacturing, was among those who voted against all of them. He is 61 and said he wanted Trump to enter the primaries so he could beat Haley in a head-to-head contest. Holton believes Haley, Trump's former UN ambassador, was disloyal by running against her former boss.

“I’m upset he’s not on the ballot,” Holton said.

And 64-year-old Ron Stanley also voted against all candidates in protest. He called Haley a "lite version of Bush" and that she plays on similarities with George W. Bush.

“I wanted Donald Trump to be there,” said Stanley, who used to work in the Texas oil fields. - Nikki Haley is not the answer. Trump is a man who has shown through his business experience that he can make the tough decisions we need. Small businesses and family farms are just suffering from so many restrictions.”

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