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The pandemic will not end the problems: what Nostradamus predicted for 2022

The world will suffer from an asteroid collision, floods and droughts devastating entire countries, as well as from massive famine in the future, at least according to the predictions of the 16th century French astrologer Nostradamus. Dailymail

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In his famous book Les Propheties, published in 1555 and containing 942 poetic quatrains, Nostradamus predicted the future.

Some believe that Nostradamus predicted the destruction caused by global warming and asteroids, and even the rise of artificial intelligence technologies.

The French astrologer and physician, dubbed "the prophet of destiny," was inspired by biblical texts and his own experience of the plague, and his predictions focused on hunger and sorrow.

More than 400 years after Nostradamus published his book, his work remains popular because his predictions are completely open to interpretation and can mean anything.

Here are some of Nostradamus's predictions for the future.

Global warming

In 1555, Nostradamus predicted that climate change would become so severe that high temperatures would “cook” fish in the sea.

He also suggested that after all, humanity will not see rain for 40 years, and when it finally comes, there will be "great floods" that will devastate many countries.

Nostradamus wrote: "Because of the sun's heat at sea / The fish is half cooked / The inhabitants will come to butcher it."

In another chapter of his book, Nostradamus also wrote: “For forty years the rainbow will not be visible / For forty years it will be visible every day / The dry land will become even more desiccated / And when it is seen, there will be great floods. ".

The astrologer seems to have assumed that devastating floods of biblical proportions would befall the world in the near future.

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In recent years, the world has already seen more devastating effects of heat, floods and droughts, with the United Nations warning in a report dubbed Code Red for Humanity that natural disasters will become more frequent and intense.

The UN has warned that over the next 20 years, the Earth is likely to warm by 1,5 ° C - ten years earlier than expected.

Scientists expected temperatures to rise by 2030 ° C from pre-industrial levels between 2052 and 1,5, but now believe that this will happen between this year and 2040.

Since 1970, global surface temperatures have risen faster than any other 50-year period in the past 2000 years, according to the UN, and the past five years have been the hottest on record since 1850.

“It's just guaranteed to get worse,” said co-author Linda Mearns, senior climatologist at the US National Center for Atmospheric Research. "I don't see a safe place ... Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide."

This happens when record heatwaves, wildfires and floods are spreading around the world, which may be a warning sign that Nostradamus's predictions of boiling seas and biblical floods may take place in our near future.

Earlier this year, Western Europe experienced its worst flooding in decades, killing more than 180 people after heavy rains hit Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

A heat wave claimed the lives of hundreds of people on the west coast of the United States and Canada earlier this summer, and more than 300 people died and nearly 13 million were affected by the floods that swept China's Henan province in late July.

Asteroid impact

Nostradamus also seems to have predicted in 1555 that the Earth would be hit by an asteroid, leading to massive loss of life.

From the predictions of the astronomer, it is not clear when the supposed impact of the "heavenly stone" will occur, but he wrote that the "great fire" would fall from the sky.

In one passage, Nostradamus wrote: "A new, rapid and sudden rain / Suddenly stops two armies / Heavenly stone, fires will make the sea rocky / Sudden death on land and at sea."

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He also wrote: "A huge fire will fall from the sky for three nights / The reason will be simultaneously overwhelming and miraculous / There will be an earthquake soon after."

Nostradamus seems to be suggesting that many asteroids will hit the Earth, causing fire and destruction.

The world was already close to encountering asteroids, with an asteroid nearly the size of a London bus nearly flying past Earth earlier this year. NASA has warned that a large asteroid appears every 2000 years that could wreak havoc on Earth, which could match Nostradamus's predictions.

According to NASA, the asteroid flew just 19 thousand kilometers from Earth, which is closer to the planet than many geostationary satellites. But there was no threat to Earth, since the asteroid, dubbed 2021 GW4, passed at a safe distance and was small enough not to burn up in the atmosphere if it was closer.

The US space agency estimates that a rock more than 800 meters long would cause problems around the world in the event of a collision with the Earth.

Anything less can cause local problems, especially if it ends up on land. But this will not be a major global crisis.

Asteroids are rocky fragments left over from the formation of the solar system about 4,6 billion years ago, most of which orbit between Mars and Jupiter.

Sometimes the orbital trajectories of asteroids are affected by the gravitational attraction of the planets, which leads to a change in their trajectory. When this happens, they may find themselves in orbit of a potential collision with the Earth or other planets.

“Every 2000 years or so, a football field-sized meteoroid hits Earth and wreaks havoc on the planet,” NASA said.

“Only once every few million years does an object appear large enough to threaten the civilization of the Earth. Impact craters on the Earth, the Moon and other planetary bodies testify to these phenomena, ”NASA said.

“We believe that anything more than one or two kilometers can have global consequences. The largest known potentially dangerous asteroid is Tutatis, with a diameter of 5,4 km, ”NASA said.

Inflation-Driven Mass Hunger

Nostradamus also predicted a global famine triggered by inflation that would drive up prices in a crumbling economy.

According to Nostradamus, mass famine will also exacerbate conflicts as people compete for natural resources that are affected by climate change.

In one of the sections, Nostradamus wrote: "No abbots, monks, novices who can teach / Honey will cost much more than candle wax / The price of wheat is so high that a person is alarmed / His brethren are in despair."

Nostradamus seems to suggest that humanity will never learn from its mistakes and prices will continue to rise - so much so that many will go hungry.

Countries around the world have witnessed political instability, the coronavirus pandemic and gas shortages, leading to an inflationary boom, with rising food and energy prices. Wholesale gas prices in the UK are up 500 percent in less than 12 months on the back of higher energy demand and low gas exports from Russia and weak supply from France.

Low wind speeds also forced the UK's electricity grid earlier this year to switch to gas and coal to power homes and businesses.

Nostradamus predicted that as prices rise, in part due to limited access to natural resources, humanity will be "desperate" and some will be forced to go to war over basic resources such as food and water.

A senior UN climate official has already warned that the planet could plunge into "conflict and chaos" if world leaders fail to cope with climate change.

Patricia Espinoza, executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, insisted that global security and stability could be compromised if countries were unable to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

She described the grim future of global anarchy caused by climate catastrophe, migration crises, food shortages, and the rise of terrorism and violent crime.

“This will mean less food, so there is likely to be a food security crisis. This will make many more people vulnerable to terrorist and violent groups. This will mean many sources of instability, ”Espinoza said in October.

The power of artificial intelligence technology

Nostradamus seems to have predicted the rise of artificial intelligence.

Technology has evolved to such an extent over the past few decades that it's hard to say what will happen in the near future, but Nostradamus seems to have suggested that humans will become "immortal" thanks to the advancement of artificial intelligence technologies.

He wrote: "Full night moon over a high mountain / A new sage with a lonely brain sees it / His disciples are invited to become immortal / Eyes to the south / Hands in sinuses, bodies on fire."

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The author's words can be interpreted as a hint at the development of artificial intelligence technology, where "immortal" students can replace people on Earth.

The world has already seen Tesla CEO Elon Musk announce that the company will launch a humanoid robot next year to replace humans in workplaces where work is dangerous, repetitive, or tedious.

Musk said the robot will be about 180cm tall and can do a variety of jobs, from collecting groceries to assembling cars with a wrench. This robot, he added, will solve the problem of labor shortages, which will have "serious consequences for the economy."

Many experts have warned of the negative consequences of over-reliance on technology.

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