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A new snow storm is approaching New York and the Midwest

By the middle of the week, two snow storms will come to most areas in the Midwest and Northeastern United States, writes AccuWeather.

Photo: Twitter NWS Des Moines

Bad weather will cause a large amount of winter precipitation to fall, ice will form on the roads, which is likely to cause the cancellation of classes in schools.

Storm can also affect major airports, including Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.

It will be difficult to drive on long sections of major highways, including Interstate 70, 80, 81, 87, 90 and 95.

One storm will be formed in the northwestern United States, and another in the Gulf of Mexico, but will quickly move to the north.

It is expected that the first storm will not lead to devastating consequences, but motorists should be extremely careful on the roads.

February 16 in eastern Nebraska and most of Iowa fell around 7-15 cm of snow, which led to a dangerous situation on Interstate 80. On Sunday, snow and rain began to move east through Great Lake and Pennsylvania. Also on Sunday, a snow storm led to winter precipitation in the western part of Virginia, Maryland, southern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and around New York.

The second storm can bring more snow and rain.

The second storm will begin on February 19, it will move to the northeast of the Gulf Coast, February 20 will pass west of the Appalachians, and February 21 will cover the northeast United States.

Heavy precipitation will fall in Mississippi, Tennessee and Ohio. Precipitation can trigger a flood hazard.

Cold air and the threat of icing can cause electricity problems in northwestern North Carolina and eastern West Virginia, as well as western and central Maryland and central and southern Pennsylvania.

The snow storm will also affect northwestern Texas, to northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, upstate New York and northern New England.

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