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McDonald's was sued for advertising that did not exist: $ 10 billion is demanded from the company

McDonald's is being sued for $ 10 billion. The company is accused of never placing its advertisements in mass media owned by blacks. The plaintiff saw racism in this. The edition told in more detail SecretMag.

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The lawsuit was filed by black tycoon Byron Allen, who owns the Entertainment Studios Network and the Weather Group broadcaster.

He is seeking compensation in the amount of $ 10 billion for the fact that McDonald's never placed its ads on its sites. The plaintiff also claims that the fast food chain ignored black-owned channels due to "racial hatred and racial stereotypes."

Byron claims McDonald's violated federal and local rights laws in allocating advertising budgets. According to Allen's calculations, in 2019 the company spent about $ 1,6 billion on television advertising in the United States, of which less than $ 5 million (0,31%) were received by black-owned TV channels.

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In addition, according to the statement of claim, during the entire existence of Entertainment Studios Network, McDonald's has never tried to place its ads on this platform, but paid millions of dollars for promotions in similar networks owned by whites.

This is not the first lawsuit against large companies filed by Byron Allen. Previously, he accused Coca-Cola, General Motors, other major advertisers and ad agencies for not supporting black-owned media companies.

Allen wants to get American corporations to spend more money on advertising on their networks. His Allen Media Group produces films and owns more than 12 television stations, as well as the Weather Channel and ten digital television networks.

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McDonald's reacted to the lawsuit and said the company plans to increase its advertising presence by 4% in minority-owned companies within 10 years. Currently, the share of advertising money that ends up in media companies for blacks, women, Hispanics and other groups is only 4%.

In September 2020, McDonald's already faced a similar lawsuit from their black franchisees... Black Americans who entered into an agreement with the fast food giant said that the company did everything to squeeze them out of its system and deprive them of opportunities to make money at profitable outlets.

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In the U.S. court McDonald's advertisement
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