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What state aid can a green card holder expect?

На какую поддержку от государства может рассчитывать обладатель американской грин-карты? Только этот вопрос я себе не задала после известия о выигрыше в лотерее. Как истинно амбициозный человек я думала, что приеду, найду работу, пойду учиться и все – жизнь удалась. Я совершенно не интересовалась возможной помощью. А зря.

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Immediately I will list the main areas of the above-mentioned assistance: education, medical insurance, ration cards, and, in fact, cash.

Since “learning” was still in my plans, first of all I began to be interested in these particular moments. A decent way has been traversed, and here’s the result: if you want to enroll in a regular community college and get a scholarship, you will have to wait a year and become a state resident. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra. The amount is real, however, since I did not work and did not know the future schedule, and the schedule was chosen immediately for the semester, I decided not to hurry.

The main program that covers the cost of training is called FAFSA. A person with a higher Russian education has two choices: either evaluation diploma (with the official translation of his own), which costs about 300 dollars, but in the US you will immediately be a person with at least a bachelor's degree, or an indication of the lack of higher education. In the second case, on condition of low income, the assistance of the program will be substantial. However, according to rumors, then you can not do a diploma evaluation, otherwise you can “get” money. The state here is not the most stupid.

Then I became interested in reinsurance. Fortunately, she knew that the green card holder had it. Moreover, there is no income. And this is perhaps the most important my "achievement". Because medicine is extremely expensive, insurance is paid, the simplest costs 50 dollars per month .... With this question, everything is very difficult. It is impossible to buy antibiotics and even many simple medicines without a doctor's prescription. For a recipe, you need a reception, so that there is a reception, you need insurance.

I strongly recommend upon arrival IMMEDIATELY, until they go to work, to get our insurance, which is called MEDICAL!

By the way, she covers medicine with a prescription. I have already experienced “happiness” to test Medikal, it can be issued even before actually receiving a green card, enough of your passport with a migratory visa.

When I made out the insurance, the woman who accepted the documents advised me to tick the boxes at the same time. food stamps. This card with an amount equal to about 200 $ per month for food. I heard something about her somewhere, but very poorly. I tried to explain that this could have a bad effect on credit history or later in the process of obtaining citizenship. She just laughed and ticked me. Having said that, as soon as I get to work and get my first check (salary), I’ll need to pass it right away.

It was also possible to apply for cash assistance. I can not say exactly what the exact amount is, since I did not even think about using it. Thought about it just now, after 4,5 months of stay in California. This help is called CALWorks. I don’t know if there is a risk when using this cash for the same credit history or for the same citizenship, however, the attempt is not torture.

This is not all types of state assistance, but, as I believe, the most basic ones. The holder of a green card has all the rights of a US citizen. Why not use these rights?

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