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What Bill Gates refuses to spend money

With $ 92,9 billion in his pocket, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates can buy just about anything his heart desires - but you won't see a billionaire shopping masses.

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In 2016, on Reddit Ask Me Anything, Gates was asked to indicate an area where he avoids spending. “I don’t like spending a lot on clothes and jewelry,” the billionaire replied.

At the event, Politic Lessons from Leaders, held in 2014, Microsoft tycoon admitted that he wears a wrist watch worth 10 dollars, and has earned a reputation as a person who dresses very simply.

Gates' close friend Warren Buffett is another billionaire who refrains from spending serious money on clothing. “I'm happy in a pair of pants and sweaters,” said the president of Berkshire Hathaway in 2013. "I don't need fancy clothes."

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These billionaires own a lot of money in the world, and they still eat at McDonald's.

However, their example is followed by other, less wealthy, but no less famous people. For example, Michael Bloomberg, whose capital is estimated at $ 55 billion, has worn two pairs of classic black trousers for over 10 years. "It's called relaxation and change," said the former New York City mayor and businessman in 2010. - You don't need to throw them away and buy new ones. You can just wear old ones. "

Former US President Barack Obama is also a fan of matching outfits. In a 2017 interview, Michelle Obama revealed that her husband wore a suit and shoes for eight years in a row. “And he was proud of it,” said the former first lady.

Not only men save when buying clothes. The founder of Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington, said she practices the same clothes.

Фото: Depositphotos

"Women spend so much money and so much attention on choosing a new outfit for each occasion," she explained. "I love finding outfits that I like and repeating them over and over."

If you go back to Bill Gates, you really love the luxury that comes out on a Porsche 911 and on a private jet.

The technical guru noted that he believes that the habit of spending on people is laid in high school. Despite the fact that he saves on clothes for himself, he prefers to buy good things to his wife - Melinda Gates.

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