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Passenger dies on board plane, woman sitting nearby demands compensation for 'stress'

The passenger claims that British Airways did nothing to compensate her for the trauma she said she experienced while watching the death of a fellow passenger during the flight. She wrote about this in a post that appeared on social networks, writes New York Post.

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On the post screenshot, which has now been deleted from the British Airways Complaints Advice Facebook group, an unidentified woman claims the incident occurred on December 21 on a flight from Jamaica to London.

“A passenger right two rows behind us died in the most horrific way, giving us the most traumatic experience of the flight,” she wrote.

British Airways said safety was "the highest priority and the crew was focused on providing first aid."

The airline claims that its crew did everything possible to maintain on-board services by providing emergency medical care.

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The author of the post noticed that she was traveling with five children and a pregnant sister. The flight left nearly three hours late, she said, "ruining their daily routine" and making the children nervous.

The passenger said the airline had given the family a "limited number" of meal vouchers, and complained about the cleanliness of the plane when it arrived for boarding.

The woman claims that as soon as the flight began, her nephew woke up and got up from his seat, so he did not have to watch the unconscious woman receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation for more than an hour.

“I have never in my life seen someone perform artificial respiration, and I never expected this to happen during a flight,” she said in a complaint.

She stated that "flight service was stopped and, apart from the initial meal, no drinks were given, so we did not get the full flight we paid for."

The woman states that the incident left her family "extremely sad" and traumatized, and they went through "many sleepless nights."

“I thought that British Airways would get complaints from other passengers, especially those who happened to be close enough to everything that happened. And expected that after that the company will contact us to find out how we feel and offer compensation, ”the message says.

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She continued: “Perhaps if the flight hadn’t been delayed and this poor woman had been able to eat on time and hadn’t been stressed before boarding, her life probably wouldn’t have been wasted and she could be here today.”

The passenger demanded reimbursement of hundreds of dollars of "personal expenses" for the disrupted trip.

People on Twitter criticized her for expressing her displeasure over the death on the flight.

“The poor thing lost his life, and all that alarmed her was food,” said one of the subscribers.

“In this text, only solid “me, me, me, me, me, me… me and me,” wrote another.

“Is this even a real event or some kind of trolling?” another user wondered.

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