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The musical 'The Adventures of Dunno' and horror burlesque: how to spend a weekend in Los Angeles (October 21-23)

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What: Pumpkin picking at Tanaka Farms

When: Friday-Sunday, October 21-23

Where: Tanaka Farms, 5380 University Dr Irvine 92612

More: In addition to pumpkin picking, Tanaka Farms also has a lot of other activities - a petting zoo, wagon rides and various seasonal festive events. In addition, various tours are always held on the farm, and closer to December it will be possible to purchase Christmas trees.

Cost: From $ 0


What: Los Angeles Witch House Tour

When: Friday-Sunday, October 21-23

Where: Different locations

More: Amber Benson, author of The Witches of Echo Park and series regular on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has put together an incredible guide to the five castles and cottages scattered between Tujunga and Beverly Hills.

The map won't give you access to the inside of every house, but it will help you create an itinerary to gawk at the most bizarre and unusual houses while reading one of Ray Bradbury's books.

Cost: Free options


What: horror burlesque

Photo: IStock

When: Friday-Saturday, October 21-22

Where: California Plaza 350S Grand Ave Los Angeles

More: American Contemporary Ballet hosts a month of gothic horror that director Lincoln Jones describes as "Halloween for David Lynch fans." The evening is divided into three programs: Inferno, a journey through Dante's vision of a hell filled with doomed lovers and monsters; "Burlesque", a series of six strange scenes; and a kind of secret third piece created for Dita Von Teese's 2019 performance.

Cost: $ 60-140


What: Screenings of horror films

When: Friday, October 21, from 19:00

Where: I|O Rooftop at the Godfrey Hotel Hollywood 1400 Cahuenga Blvd Los Angeles 90028

More: Spend the run-up to Halloween watching some of the coolest horror movies of all time. While there's technically no entry fee, you'll need to order two drinks or a meal worth at least $40, but Halloween popcorn and candy is free.

On October 21, guests will see two films at once - a chilling horror movie about the Chucky doll "Children's Games" and the no less scary and cult "The Exorcist".

Cost: Free options


What: Family fun festival

Photo: IStock

When: Saturday, October 22, from 11:00

Where: 6400 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90803-4206

More: Both adults and children can have a great time at this festival of family fun. Visitors will be offered goods from 40 local sellers, as well as live music, children's entertainment, food trucks and much more. Many activities await guests, among other things, such as dance lessons, cycling and gardening.

Cost: Free options


What: Musical "The Adventures of Dunno" in Los Angeles

When: Saturday, October 22, from 17:00

Where: Lincoln Middle School 1501 California Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

More: For the first time in the USA, the legendary musical "The Adventures of Dunno and His Friends" by the State Drama Theater "From Rose Street" named after Yuri Harmelin (Chisinau). The musical was created based on the beloved stories of Nikolai Nosov about Dunno, on the adventures of which several generations of viewers grew up. The production is based on real hits created by the legendary creative tandem of Yuri Entin and Mark Minkov. In different years, the musical managed to go on tour and festivals in France, Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania. A bright, mischievous and musical performance about the adventures of Dunno, Znayka, the poet Tsvetik, the artist Tube, Donut, Dr. Pilyulkin and the composer Gusli is always very warmly and enthusiastically greeted by both young viewers and their parents.

An inquisitive group of shorties live in the Flower City, and every day something terribly interesting happens to them! All the characters in the play are very unusual, each has his own special talent. But the most interesting character, of course, is Dunno. This funny boy in a blue hat with a tassel tries to be useful, but he does not succeed. “Dunno, don’t sing!”, “Dunno, don’t whine!”, “Dunno, don’t lie!”, “Dunno, don’t be lazy!” - it's easy to say that, but you yourself should try before you teach life! Resourcefulness, ingenuity and optimism help Dunno to get out of difficult situations. How many funny moments are connected with this - you will laugh! All the characters in this story are kind, fair and know how to laugh. You definitely won't get bored with them! What else do kids need? For parents to bring them to the theater, have fun with them and sing their favorite songs!

Cost: From $ 40


What: Concert Kalush Orchestra

When: Sunday, October 23, from 20:00

Where: AVALON Hollywood & Bardot, 1735 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028

More: The Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra is known to almost everyone. The team, together with their hit Stefania, became the winner of Eurovision 2022, receiving 439 points from the audience and 192 points from the jury (total 631). During the performance, the group members called for help to Mariupol and the people at Azovstal. The organizers of Eurovision 2022 perceived this act not as a political, but as a humanitarian call, therefore they did not disqualify the team.

Now the Kalush Orchestra has reached the USA. They will perform both well-known songs and new ones that are just beginning to win our hearts.

Cost: From $ 65


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