A man scattered $ 200 on a road in Oregon: his family did not like this charity idea

A man was throwing stacks of $100 bills out of his car window in an act of wild generosity. His family says that he emptied their bank accounts, thereby ruining his relatives. Writes about it Insider.

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On the evening of April 11, a man threw a bunch of money out of his car window on I-5 in Oregon, and a few lucky people stopped their cars to pick up the money.

But the family of 38-year-old Colin Davis McCarthy told state police that he emptied their joint bank accounts to fund the stunt. Now they're broke.

Police responded to reports that money had been thrown from a car around 19:00 pm.

The police identified McCarthy as the man who threw the money. He later said he gave away a total of about $200.

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The Oregon State Police said the exact amount was unknown and that "there was actually no way to confirm how much money was donated" to strangers.

News footage showed that at least some of the cash was in $100 bills, suggesting a large amount.

McCarthy said he threw cash out of his car because he wanted to "bless others with gifts of cash".

Dozens of people stopped to collect cash, which by 20:00 was almost completely gone. Oregon State Police Lieutenant Andrews said the people did a "pretty good job of cleaning up."

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One witness said she was driving by after McCarthy threw the money in and noticed heavy traffic pulling over to the side of the road. "It's very disturbing to see so many people" walking down the highway, she said.

“The lane was stalled for miles with people pulling off the side of the road and back on the highway,” said Tori Kathleen Grams.

Dozens of people jumped out of their cars and ran up and down the highway in search of money.

Police said they warned McCarthy to stop throwing money around because it was dangerous for people to run down I-5 in the dark. They said he followed the advice.

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McCarthy was ultimately not charged with the crime, but Andrews said officers looked into the incident because of the danger it created on the road.

But while several people profited from such a stunt, the man's family said they were penniless.

McCarthy's relative told police that he got the money by emptying his family's joint bank accounts. Law enforcement officials consider it unlikely that they will return them.

“Because the account is shared, they both have equal rights to the money,” Andrews said, meaning anyone with access to the account can take all the money and use it as they see fit.

Relatives, although they consider this unlikely, are asking that the people who found the money return it to the Oregon State Police.

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