A man, at the request of his mistress, threw his small children from the 15th floor: this is how the couple tried to 'start a new life together' - ForumDaily
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A man, at the request of his mistress, threw his small children from the 15th floor: this is how the couple tried to 'start a new life together'

A Chinese couple was executed for killing the man's two children from a previous marriage. Lovers threw small children out of an apartment window to start a new family together, reports New York Post.

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Zhang Bo and his girlfriend Ye Chengchen died by injection on January 31 after China's highest court upheld their death sentences.

Brutal murder of children

Zhang was found guilty of throwing his two children from the 2020th floor of a house in Chongqing, southwest China, in 15.

Chengchen was also found guilty after the court found that she forced Zhang to kill his two-year-old daughter and one-year-old son. The woman saw these young children as an “obstacle” to starting a new family with their father, whom she had helped stage an accident.

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The pair were sentenced to death in 2021, but were only carried out this week after a lengthy appeal process. The Chongqing Higher People's Court upheld the original decision and said the sentences given to Zhang and Ye were appropriate. The court ruled that the couple's motive was "despicable" and their means were "cruel" and that, according to the law, there were serious consequences.

Zhang, when he began an extramarital affair with Chengchen, did not tell her that he was married and had two children.

Plan to remove “obstacles”

But when the man divorced his then-wife Chen Meilin in February 2020, Chengchen asked Zhang to kill his two children from his first marriage - she “regarded the kids as an obstacle” to their wedding and “a burden for their future life together.”

Zhang threw his children out of a window in November 2020. Video footage of the incident showed him being gutted over what he had done. The footage shows the child killer banging his head against the wall and sobbing uncontrollably.

Zhang then claimed he was asleep when the children "fell out" and said he was awakened by people screaming downstairs.

“When I found out that my children were actually thrown from the 15th floor by their father and mistress, I couldn’t find the words to describe my feelings,” the children’s mother said. “It’s hard to imagine what my children went through falling from the 15th floor to the ground. Were they desperate? Were you afraid?

Zhang and Ye's crime sent shockwaves throughout China due to its "cold-blooded" premeditation as well as the age of the victims.

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The execution of the lovers quickly rose to the top of the trending topics on Chinese social network Weibo, receiving nearly 200 million views.

“Today is a really good day,” said one comment under a corresponding publication by the state news agency Xinhua.

“The punishment fits the crime,” a second user wrote.

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