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Arkansas man planted mysterious seeds received in the mail: the result was unexpected

An Arkansas man who received one of the mysterious seed packages sent to thousands of US residents planted them in his yard and said the result was unexpected. Writes about it New York Post.

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“We planted the seeds just to see what happens,” said Boonville resident Doyle Crenchon.

The plant has produced large white bouquets of orange flowers that resemble pumpkin flowers.

“Every two weeks I gave them garden fertilizers and they just started to grow like crazy,” Crenchon said.

The man planted the seeds before USDA officials issued a warning to recipients not to plant them.

“The problem comes from the invasive pest aspect: these seeds can lead to invasive weeds, invasive insect pests or plant diseases,” said Scott Bray of the Arkansas Department of Agriculture.

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US residents in all 50 states reported receiving strange, unsolicited parcels of seeds.

A handful of seeds arrive in small, sealed clear plastic bags and are packed in standard size light gray or beige envelopes.

“The package said the package was from China, and the outside said 'ear cuffs,' and we thought it was a little weird,” admitted Crenchon.

It is unclear who is behind the packages, but US agriculture officials said they believed the seeds could be part of a "scam" where people receive goods they never ordered and then the sender posts a fake customer review on their behalf with aim to increase sales.

US agriculture officials are urging recipients to keep the seeds sealed and call them so they can collect them.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • Officials in several states said residents were receiving unsolicited parcels of seeds in the mail. What to do if they were sent to you read in our material.
  • Agriculture Department representatives identified several types of seedsthat were mailed to the Americans.
In the U.S. посылка mail

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