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A man for 20 years did not drink water, but only used Pepsi: how did this affect his health

Andy Curry, 41, drank 30 cans of soda a day and spent more than $8600 a year on it (more than $172 in 20 years)—about $25 a day. Read more about this story told the publication New York Post.

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However, Curry says, with the help of a hypnotist, after 20 years, he was finally cured.

A grocery store worker in Bangor, UK, has drunk about 219 cans of Pepsi, the equivalent of seven million sugar cubes, since he first started drinking it at the age of 000.

“I have always liked the taste of cold cola. Nothing could beat him and I was just hooked,” he said.

Due to having worked the night shift for most of his supermarket career, Curry "always enjoyed having the sugar rush keep him going."

This expensive habit cost him a fortune every year, but, as the grocery store worker said, “I just had to drink a Pepsi as soon as I woke up.”

Curry recalled going to weddings and other events where guests sipped champagne while he opened a can of soda.

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But a recent trip to the doctor revealed that he had a pre-diabetic condition. During this time, he gained 266 pounds (120 kg), he was found to be at risk for cardiovascular disease and potential pancreatic cancer.

Despite a strict diet and exercise regimen that helped him shed 28 pounds (12 kg), his Pepsi addiction remained.

It was then that Curry and his wife Sarah contacted hypnotist David Kilmurry.

He determined that Curry had an eating disorder—eating patterns that limit the variety of preferred foods.

Kilmurry hypnotized Curry for 40 minutes during an online video conference - he got rid of his soda cravings in just one session.

Curry drank water for the first time in 20 years after a hypnotherapy session, seemingly cured of his ailment.

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Over the next month, Curry dropped another 14 pounds (6 kg).

“I haven’t touched a drink in a month and I don’t intend to. Now I prefer water. Wife Sarah says my skin looks better and I have much more energy,” said Curry.

“I don’t know what he said, but after that I just didn’t want to drink Pepsi anymore,” the drink lover admitted.

Kilmurry is "horrified" that Curry drank so much soda.

“This kind of addiction is very dangerous and puts a lot of pressure on your vital organs,” he said. “It became poison and a burden for him. Since I've been working with him, I'm glad to see him drinking water and healthy drinks."

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