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Husband brutally beat and strangled: the details of the monstrous murder of a Ukrainian woman in the USA are known

In the US, in Wisconsin, there was brutally murdered 23-year-old Ukrainian Tatiana Guzhva. Her relatives still do not really know what really happened. And most importantly, where is her two-year-old daughter Sabina now?

Instagram Tatyana Guzhvy

Her killer is Azerbaijani Azerbaijani husband Fuad Pashayev, with whom Tanya lived for three years. Recently, the girl turned to the police with complaints that her husband severely beaten and even strangled. Fuad was released on bail, and he was forbidden to approach his wife and child.

Four years ago, then still 19-year-old Tatiana Guzhva flew to America on the program Work and travel. The girl is from Drohobych, she studied in Lviv, in the commercial academy of restaurant and hotel business. On the photo in the USA in 2015, Tanya looks absolutely happy.

“Tanya worked in a candy store, then in a restaurant. She studied there, became a manager. She always said she wanted to learn, she liked it, ”said her cousin Julia.

Instagram Tatyana Guzhvy

Fuada Tanya met in America. “She told us that she is getting married. Either they had friends in common, or she bought a car there. Fuad, it seems, worked in a company that buys used cars at auctions. But this is inaccurate information. We know almost nothing about him at all, he never told. He is from Azerbaijan, but has already been legalized in America. It seems he has a mother and brother who live in Azerbaijan, but we have never seen them. And the conversation with him was always short: “Hello, how are you?”, Recalls Julia.

Instagram Tatyana Guzhvy

There was no real wedding for Tanya and Fouad, they just signed. The girl was about to receive documents for residence in the United States. In the summer, they wanted to come to Ukraine and have a wedding there.

“Tanya never complained about anything, she generally preferred not to wash dirty linen in public. Therefore, we could not even imagine what was happening there. The fact that her husband beat her, they found out only after her death, ”says her cousin.

Instagram Tatyana Guzhvy

11 once appealed to law enforcement

Even my mother did not notice the problems in the life of her daughter. Although, judging by the police report, over the past six months, the girl 11 once appealed to the police. In August last year, a Ukrainian woman said that her husband was strangling her. Soon after, she lost her puppy, Tatiana believed that her husband had killed the dog.

At the end of December, the girl reported that her husband, while intoxicated, hit her on the back three times. And on January 1, her husband made a riot in the house, threw a griddle at the girl, because her daughter cried loudly. 2 January he locked her in the bathroom and splashed hot water on her face. The next day, he threatened to kill her if she complained about him, and smashed her phone.

Instagram Tatyana Guzhvy

The girl was afraid that he would kill her and her daughter. As told to the local police, on January 4, Tanya ran to their ward, she cried, trembled and gasped. After she was reassured, she talked about what was happening in the last days of her family. The police then arrested and charged Pashayev with domestic violence on 11 items. But he came out on bail 10 thousand dollars.

Only once did Tanya let her sister slip that Pashayev began to drink and was behaving inadequately. She even had to run away from him with her daughter. But the fact that he beat her, she did not confess.

True, in America, at the restaurant where Tanya worked, the staff knew that there were serious problems in her family, AP writes. Her manager said that they were trying to help the girl, protect her and her daughter. They say that Tanya was very responsive, hardworking.

She started as an administrator, then worked as a bartender and was preparing to become a manager. And the former head of Tatiana, Anna Ketchum from a candy store, created the Justice for Tanya help fund. They collect money to help relatives and daughters of the deceased.

Instagram Tatyana Guzhvy

Ksenia Taran, a friend of Tatyana in America, said that from the very beginning she did not ask the Ukrainian woman with her husband.

“Tanya and I worked in the USA for one and a half years in one Goody Goody Gum Drop candy store. Her husband sometimes came to us, but neither I nor the girls liked him. He is from Azerbaijan, 10 has been living in the USA for years. When Tanya was pregnant, she told me that her husband really wanted a child, so they got married for love. Then we stopped working together, but sometimes we met in the city. I heard that from the very beginning she had problems with her husband, but I never thought that they were so serious, ”says Xenia.

She also said that Tatiana was providing herself.

“The fact that they are now writing that she got married because of money and was kept by her husband is absolutely not true! Here in America it is much easier to be financially independent, no matter whether you are a man or a woman. Tanya worked, had a car, she paid for it. In addition, her husband was not rich, it is an average worker, "- said Xenia.

Instagram Tatyana Guzhvy

“Tanya shortly before her death, she entered a beauty school, she liked it very much. Just a couple of days she went to school and disappeared. She and her mother often talked on Skype, in the messenger. And then 30 March, she did not get in touch. And 31 March Sabinochka was two years old, but Tanya did not respond. Then we began to worry, ”explained Julia.

Five days kept the body at home

As it turned out, her husband killed a Ukrainian woman on 30 in March, on Saturday, and they found her only on Thursday. All this time her body was in the house where the family lived. And Fuad pretended that Tanya was alive, just very busy.

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“All of Tanya’s messengers were seen these days, we saw it, but she didn’t write, didn’t call. Then I wrote Fuadu on Facebook and asked what was with Tanya, why is she not responding? He wrote that he was already at work, and Tanya was still sleeping with the baby. Then I asked again, he replied that Tanya had gone to work, and left the phone at home. I asked her to call back when she came. Then he said that she had left somewhere, then she was busy, ”says her sister with pain.

Instagram Tatyana Guzhvy

On Thursday night, the family raised the alarm. They began to constantly call Tanya’s phone, knowing that it was evening in America. The husband himself picked up the phone.

“I asked him where was Tanya? He then said: “No Tanya”. I ask the question again, he says again: “There is no Tanya”. And then he said: "I killed her." After these words, we immediately contacted friends in the United States and asked them to call the police home to Tatiana. I typed it again and said that maybe you are mistaken, maybe she needs help, this is a bad joke. And he says he killed her on Saturday, ”said the sister.

Arriving police found the body of Ukrainian women at home. My daughter was with a nanny on that day, but they still do not know where she has been since Saturday. Police detained Pashayeva. The case is in the District Court of Colombia. He is charged.

Instagram Tatyana Guzhvy

Instagram Tatyana Guzhvy

Prosecutors in court say that Pashayev used a knife to kill. Reported by the Daily Register. Also, the assistant district attorney suspects that the young daughter Sabina could have witnessed the tragedy. The body really lay for several days in the house where it was found. The court is going to release Pashayev on bail at 1 million dollars, and take his passport from him, fearing that he could escape. He will be forbidden to see the child.

Now Tatiana's family is trying to ship the body from America to Ukraine.

“We need at least humanly to bury her. And the main question is how to take Sabina. I think Tanya would really like her grandmother to take her granddaughter. But we still do not even understand how to do all this. We are trying to find a lawyer in this state in order to at least find out what happened there and what to do next. Sabina is considered an American citizen. Now she was taken away by social services, she is in some family. But we do not know where exactly, who is looking after her. Our friends say that there are no orphanages in the USA; children are sent to families there while the process of establishing guardianship is underway. And the conditions in such families are not always good. Therefore, we are very worried, ”says Julia.

Tatiana's parents try to collect means to come to usa. Now on page GoFundMe, created in memory of Tatiana, has already collected more than 41 thousands of dollars.

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