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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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How financial troubles ruin the lives of immigrants: the example of the American-Russian family

The husband of a Russian-speaking immigrant had an accident and now cannot pay the lawyers for obtaining citizenship for his wife. The couple decided to seek help on the portal GoFundMe.

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“A little over a month and a half ago, I received a concussion in a car accident. I really didn't have time to see a neurologist because I had to work. Unfortunately, my insurance did not cover the accident, only my medical bills from the emergency department, - writes Victoria's husband Francis. “My car rolled three times at 55 miles (88 km) per hour after I dodged an animal.”

“I changed my insurance company, and I didn't take care of collision insurance. Maine needs a car in winter. This only complicated an already difficult situation. We fought hard for Victoria to get citizenship, and the accident nullified all our efforts, - writes Francis. - She currently does not have a work permit. We cannot afford lawyers for Victoria. Especially now, when we cannot even drive a car, and Victoria is still not allowed to work. "

Financial problems arose due to the lack of a car, which was one of the sources of income for the couple.

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“My car was my second source of income. In order for Victoria to obtain a work permit, we need funds. Until then, my wife cannot get an identity card, work, insurance, bank account or fly home to see her family, - writes Victoria's husband. - She must be able to get all of this in order to apply for a green card. She cannot obtain a green card without a work permit, and without a green card she cannot obtain citizenship. "

Frances worries that Victoria may be in this situation for years.

“Currently, our marriage is the only document that she has in this country, besides her Russian passport. We can be stuck in this situation for the next ten to fifteen years of our lives, like millions of other Americans, because of a corrupt and incompetent government system. - writes Victoria's husband. “We just want to get back on our feet. I just want Victoria to be able to work and to have the same rights as everyone else. She deserves to be allowed to work and drive a car after paying taxes for more than six years. ”

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“My wife is the embodiment of the American dream. We paid out of our own pocket for dentists, doctors and everyone. We never made excuses. But our savings ran out, Victoria cannot work, I need a car to keep working, and I am losing money every day, ”writes Francis on the portal. - We have our hands tied with Victoria and time is not on our side. We need our own transport, and we need funds to pay for the services of lawyers. "

Francis believes that he and Victoria will need about $ 10.

“The attorney's fees are likely to be $ 7000 or more in an immigration case, and you also need about $ 3000 for a car. Please help us get back on our feet and help Victoria stay in the country and make her an American once and for all. I will do my best to compensate for this to everyone who helps us, ”writes Victoria's husband.

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