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Museum of Fire Protection and an online tour of Central Park: how to spend a weekend in New York (March 20-22)

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What: Exhibition of works by Ukrainian artist

When: Friday-Sunday, March 20-22

Where: The Ukrainian Museum 222 East 6th Street (between Second and Third Avenues) New York, NY 10003

More: Mikhail Turovsky was born in 1933 in Kiev in a Jewish family. As a child, he survived the horrors of World War II. The family evacuated from Kiev experienced hardship in Uzbekistan before returning to Ukraine devastated by the war.

The exhibition of Turovsky’s works depicts two main tragedies of the twentieth century that affected Ukrainians and Jews: the Holodomor of the early 1930s and the Holocaust of the 1940s. Many of his works were done quite boldly - dense saturated colors and clear strokes give the paintings a special expression. A recurring theme in his works is the emotional images of mother and child, symbolizing for the artist the meaning of earthly existence.

Cost: $ 0-8

What: Fire Museum

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Friday-Sunday, March 20-22

Where: New York City Fire Museum, 278 Spring St, New York, NY 10013

More: The New York Fire Museum has one of the country's most important collections of art and artifacts related to firefighters. At two exhibition venues, the development of fire fighting in New York is traced from the early bucket brigades to the present day.

Visitors will see a horse-drawn cart, early life-saving gear and equipment from different eras, as well as motorized vehicles such as the 1921 American La France engine. Each exhibit gives an idea of ​​how fire fighting was developed in different years. Also at the exhibition are tools and clothing used by modern firefighters.

Cost: $ 5-10

What: Russian Concert

When: Friday, March 20, with 20: 00

Where: Soapbox Gallery 636 Dean Street, Brooklyn New York, NY

More: Misha Pyatigorsky is an energetic jazz pianist, composer and producer, known as an author, masterfully combining the worlds of serious jazz and pop music. Misha mixes powerful melodies with unusual harmonic sensitivity. This is the sound of a deeply personal, but cosmopolitan dimension, reflecting his experience of the Russian-Jewish emigrant who grew up in the United States. The great nephew of the legendary cellist Gregor Pyotigorsky works in New York and takes modern jazz sound beyond the standards.

Cost: $ 15-20

What: Free Business English

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Friday-Sunday, March 20-22

Where: On Coursera (online)

More: This course is intended for those who are not fluent in English, but are interested in learning more about the global business economy. Here you will learn about the topics and language required to succeed in the international market. You will learn business English through listening and video lectures, as well as replenish your vocabulary with business vocabulary.

You can sign up for a course and start learning English link.

Cost: Free options

What: Guggenheim staircase online visit

When: Friday-Sunday, March 20-22

Where: Online

More: The Google Street View feature allows visitors to explore the famous Guggenheim spiral staircase without leaving home. There you can find incredible works of art from the era of the Impressionists, Post-Impressionists, Art Nouveau and modernity.

Visit the online tour by link.

Cost: Free options

What: Virtual tour of Central Park

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Friday-Sunday, March 20-22

Where: Online

More: Of course, Central Park can be seen in many famous films and television shows, but have you ever taken a 3D tour of this park? Just go to linkto enjoy the views of such a wonderful place directly from home.

Cost: Free options

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