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Must-see: Live streaming of the life of incredibly cute red pandas

The Red Panda Cam at the Oklahoma City Zoo (Oklahoma) is a delightful way to experience wildlife from afar while you're at home in quarantine. Writes about it Only in Your State.

Photo: Shutterstock

Oklahoma City Zoo is famous for its impressive inhabitants, but you can not always visit it. Fortunately, the Red Panda Cam was installed in the zoo, allowing you to watch the most popular inhabitants of the park, right from home.

An adorable family of small (red) pandas at the Oklahoma City Zoo lives in Sanctuary Asia Nursery.

If you do not have enough heat and tenderness in quarantine, look at these amazing pandas onlinewould definitely be a better option.

Live, you will meet a delightful family of four pandas who play, sleep and have fun.

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The family consists of Thomas (6 years), Lila (5 years) and their descendants Kayana and Ravi (9 months).

You may not see them immediately, given the fact that they are skilled climbers and may have climbed trees.

These pandas are considered endangered since there are less than 10 adult animals in the wild. Programs such as the Oklahoma City Zoo help ensure species genetic diversity through careful monitoring and care.

For more information about the Oklahoma City Zoo, you can visit its website at link.

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