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Trash and hygiene issues: America's 10 worst-smelling states

Anyone who has traveled from state to state knows that every place has a different scent. But some, they smell pretty strong. Edition Zippia decided to find out which states have the strongest and most unpleasant odors.

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It turns out the Midwest is very crisp, while the Northeast and South are nice, but still smell.

Most odorous states:

  1. Maryland
  2. California
  3. Florida
  4. Delaware
  5. Massachusetts
  6. Alabama
  7. New Jersey
  8. New York
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. Mississippi

How the rating was determined

To measure air pollution, air filters were used to thoroughly analyze air quality. Cleaner air smells better.

Garbage was estimated using EPA data on the percentage of each state's land occupied by landfills.

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Population density was examined and US Census data was used to find the number per square mile. The more people, the more the smell. Dental hygiene is especially important, so the frequency of visits to dentists was taken into account.

10 most smelly states

1. Maryland
  • Landfills: 0,026%
  • Person per sq. mile: 610

Maryland is the worst-smelling state in the United States. Not only is 0,026% of the state a waste dump, but the air here is not very pleasant.

2. California
  • Landfills: 0,015%
  • Person per sq. mile: 246,1

California may be the golden state, but that nickname doesn't apply to dental hygiene there. Unfortunately for people with a good sense of smell, Californians do not practice good oral hygiene.

3. Florida
  • Landfills: 0,017%
  • Person per sq. mile: 364,6

When you think of Florida, you think of beautiful beaches or fun theme parks. However, judging by the ratings, you might want to consider an air freshener.

4. Delaware
  • Landfills: 0,040%
  • Person per sq. mile: 475,1

Delaware is quite crowded. In fact, every square mile in the state is home to 475 people—all with their own smells. And, unfortunately, not all of them appreciate deodorant.

5. Massachusetts
  • Landfills: 0,021%
  • Person per sq. mile: 858

No factor alone makes Massachusetts the 5th stench state. However, mediocre air quality is greater, and many people in this state leave it less than fragrant.

6. Alabama
  • Landfills: 0,006%
  • Person per sq. mile: 95,4

The sixth smelliest state is Alabama. What makes it smell so bad? This southern state has some of the worst air quality in the country. If that's not enough, few people in the state seek dental care.

7. New Jersey
  • Landfills: 0,042%
  • Person per sq. mile: 1210,10

The tiny, densely populated state of New Jersey has a trash problem. In fact, 0,0421% of the state's land area is landfill, more than any other state in the country. By comparison, in Alaska, only 0,0001% of the land area is occupied by trash.

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8. New York
  • Landfills: 0,015%
  • Person per sq. mile: 417

New York may be beautiful and full of both natural beauty and cultural attractions, but the state also has trash, mediocre air quality and questionable oral hygiene.

9. Pennsylvania
  • Landfills: 0,019%
  • Person per sq. mile: 285,5

Pennsylvania is a relatively populous state with a large population of residents that add a distinct flavor. Of course, these residents also have a lot of trash—so much that the state has a 0,019% landfill rate.

10. Mississippi
  • Landfills: 0,004%
  • Person per sq. mile: 63,7

In 10th place Mississippi. Its residents have the worst oral health in the country. Of course, if you don't visit the dentist and don't floss, you get bad breath. And this, accordingly, spoils the air in the state.

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