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An immigrant who was deported two years ago was allowed to return to the USA

The 33-year-old father of two was able to return to the United States - two years ago he was deported to El Salvador in accordance with Trump's decrees adopted in his first months as president.

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A group of supporters welcomed José Escobar at the Bush Airport in Houston. He was accompanied by his wife Rose and two children, Walter and Carmen, who flew to El Salvador in June to visit him. It was there that they learned that the US immigration authorities approved the decision that allowed him to legally return to the US.

Escobar was still a teenager when his family moved to the USA in 2001. Then they had a temporary status, which provided Salvadorans affected by earthquakes. In 2006, he married Rose. In the same year, he learned that his family had not filed the documents necessary to extend the visa.

In the US, he remained illegally, and an immigration judge ordered his deportation. His wife and children have American citizenship.

Escobar was arrested in 2011 year, during the administration of ex-President Barack Obama. He spent several months in custody. After mass protests in his support, the director of the local office of the US Immigration and Customs Board released Escobar in January 2012, “so that he can put his affairs in order,” the agency said last year.

In February, 2017, shortly after Trump took office and expanded his priorities for the detention and deportation of undocumented immigrants, Escobar was arrested again during a routine ICE check.

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The following month, he was deported to El Salvador. He called his wife from San Salvador airport to tell her what happened.

Escobar moved to a town about three hours from San Salvador, living with relatives and occasionally working as a laborer.

At night, he contacted his family via video, but he was often afraid to leave the family home, as gangs were looking for people who came from America. He constantly watched the house from CCTV cameras.

Meanwhile, the children got used to living without a father. And because Jose was hard to find work in El Salvador, Rose had to support his family. She worked as a receptionist at the hospital and used savings that quickly melted.


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The Houston law firm FIEL contacted local lawyer Raed Gonzalez, who took on the Escobar case. He applied to the US Immigration and Citizenship Service with a request to allow Escobar to return to the US, citing the family’s difficulties after his deportation.

Having already arrived in the USA and sitting in the waiting room at the airport, Escobar held his daughter in his arms and told about everything he missed: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries. Rose Escobar, who had been drawing public attention to her husband’s case for more than two years, had tears in her eyes.

"We are together again. We are family, ”she said.

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