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Frosts are not from this planet: a record winter storm hit the USA

A life-threatening cold snap hit the northeastern United States and finally began to ease on Saturday, February 4th. But in New Hampshire, frost managed to set a new national record for wind-blown temperatures. The edition told in more detail CNN.

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Temperature from Mars

The record was set in Mount Washington on the evening of February 3, when the temperature reached -108° Fahrenheit (-77,7 Celsius) due to an air temperature of -46° Fahrenheit (-43,3 Celsius) and wind gusts from speed of 127 miles (204 km) per hour.

Such low temperatures are more typical not for the Earth, but for Mars. There, surface temperatures hit a pleasant high of 16 degrees (-8,8) this week with a low of -105 (-76,1), according to NASA. The space agency said temperatures on the Red Planet could range from -225 (-142) to 70 degrees (+21,1).

The temperature in the case of strong winds is usually indicated in the forecast by the words "feels like" (feels like). To determine it, air temperature, wind speed, humidity are taken into account. Usually a person dressed for the weather will experience such a temperature when he goes out into the street.

Wind chill records have not historically been tracked as closely as temperature records, but this mark will beat what most meteorologists consider the US record: -105°F (-76,1 Celsius) in Alaska. The previous record for Mount Washington was -102,7 (-74,8) in 2004.

On the morning of Feb. 4, about 15 million people in the United States were under a cold snap warning due to high winds, but that number dropped to less than 1 million by noon as the cold began to ease. By 19:00 pm on February 4, temperatures will begin to stabilize and the wind will subside.

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On Sunday, February 5, the temperature will rise 5-10 degrees above normal.

Several daily low temperature records were set in parts of the northeast on the morning of Feb. 4, according to local offices of the National Weather Service.

On Saturday morning in Boston (Massachusetts) the minimum temperature was -10 degrees (-23,3 Celsius), beating the previous daily record of -2 degrees (-18,8 Celsius). The weather service tweeted that it was the first double-digit negative Fahrenheit recorded since 1957.

Temperatures hit -13 degrees (-25) in Worcester, Massachusetts, beating the previous daily record of -4 (-20). Providence, Rhode Island recorded -9 degrees (-22,7), which set a new daily record after the previous one of -2 (-18,8). Hartford, Conn., surpassed old readings of -8 (-22,2) to hit a new record of -9 degrees (-22,7).

Authorities are urging people not to go outside if possible.

“Today and tomorrow, our state is under the influence of dangerously low temperatures and strong winds,” said New York Governor Kathy Hokul. “We are coordinating with local authorities to make sure they have everything they need to keep New Yorkers safe. Please limit your time outdoors, wear layered clothing and be careful with alternative heat sources."

Maine and frost

Dangerously cold winds, putting entire states at risk, hit the US from Canada. The worst effects are expected in northern Maine, where about 70 people in Penobscot and Aroostook counties have been warned of the blizzard through the evening of Feb. 000, according to the National Weather Service.

“Ground blizzards with heavy snowfall are expected in open areas. Please do not drive unless absolutely necessary,” the Cariboo, Maine weather service said.

Maine police shared photos of deteriorating road conditions in Aroostook County and warned drivers that periods of "blinding whiteout" could occur anywhere in the state.

“One of the beauties of the county is its open fields and views, but on such days they become dangerous. Be careful! What looks like safe and normal driving conditions quickly turns into sections of the roadway with almost zero visibility, ”the Maine State Police said in a Facebook post.

In addition to the blizzard, temperatures hit -3 degrees (-69) in parts of northern Maine on February 56,1rd.

The local weather service reported, among other things, some power outages in the state. Due to extremely low temperatures, the moisture inside the trees froze, expanded and caused the trees to break and power lines to collapse.

Frosts this week affected not only the northeast. Farther south, severe cold also led to persistent power outages in Texas and Arkansas as an ice storm hit the region, killing at least eight people.

About 130 homes and businesses in Texas were without power on Feb. 000 due to widespread icing, sleet and freezing rain. Such weather conditions made roads deadly and weighed down trees, causing them to break and power lines to break. More than 4 homes and businesses were out of action in Arkansas as of early Saturday, Feb. 4, according to tracking site Poweroutage us.

Helping the homeless

With the continuing dangerous cold in the Northeast, New York City declared Code Blue on February 3rd. Such a designation usually indicates that the temperature has reached an extremely low threshold, which requires the authorities to make the resources available to the public. Under this code, people can use the city's homeless shelter system in an emergency, and New Yorkers are instructed to report people on the street.

"No one who experiences homelessness and seeks asylum in New York during code blue will not be denied," a department spokesman said.

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Homeless teams will talk to any New Yorker on the street and offer them a warm haven.

In Erie County, officials have also issued a "code blue" and opened three county overnight shelters, as well as daytime warming centers.

Heating centers have also opened in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Vermont, officials said.

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