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'Heroes of the fight against coronavirus': The White House issued a commemorative coin in honor of Trump and Pence

Unofficial White House Gift Shop White House Gift Shop presented a commemorative collector's coin "The World Against COVID-19", on which he called President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and some other officials "heroes of the fight against coronavirus." This event immediately caused a storm of indignation on the network.

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On an unofficial site White House Gift Shop A new souvenir coin became available for pre-order at a promotional price of $ 100. The usual price, as written on the site, is $ 125. According to the site, sending coins to customers will begin on June 15.

The subject of the product is the COVID-19 pandemic in the world and in the United States.

The coin contains Trump's quotes about the coronavirus, which, as noted by social media users, are more reminiscent of military slogans: “Every ordinary citizen has contributed,” “Together we fight an invisible enemy,” “Heroes dress every day” (we are talking about doctors who wear protective suits every day. Ed.).

One side of the coin features a world map with a large coronavirus hovering in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. On the back is the White House press conference room, where Trump made his most scandalous statements about the pandemic: the prediction that the virus will disappear in warm weather, and the assumption that COVID-19 can be treated by injecting the patient with a disinfectant..

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The room is framed by two rings: one of them contains the names of Trump and Vice President Mike Pence; the other ring contains the names of members of the president's coronavirus team - Dr. Deborah Birx, Dr. Anthony Fauci, US chief surgeon Dr. Jerome Williams, and head of the Department of Finance Steve Mnuchin. At the same time, the coin does not bear the name of Alex Azar, the head of the country's Department of Health.

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The new coin is part of a series of souvenirs that illustrate important events during the Trump presidency. The collection also includes coins that depict the meeting of the US president with Kim Jong-un and negotiations with Vladimir Putin.

The site states that the proceeds from the sale of coins will be directed to help the five major US hospitals that treat patients with COVID-19.

Social media users are outraged - for many, the sale of these coins seemed inappropriate. Some even joke that Ivanka Trump's handwriting can be traced in this venture.

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