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Cute virus and toilet paper: how to decorate your Christmas tree in 2020 style

2020 was full of events that will be hard to forget. But undoubtedly the most memorable of these was the COVID-19 pandemic. In anticipation of the holiday season, sellers of Christmas tree decorations decided not to lose heart because of the quarantine and the ban on mass gatherings, but to benefit from the coronavirus and to amuse people.

Photo: Shutterstock

Jokes about masks, toilet paper and quarantine in general flooded social media, and toy sellers decided to go further and immortalize this year on a Christmas tree.

On the Etsy website you can find a huge variety of "coronavirus" toys - the masters did their best.

Some of their creations are a reference to a famous film or TV series, but adjusted for modern realities. For example, you can find a piece of jewelry that says The one where we were quarantined. This is a direct reference to the cult sitcom Friends (each episode was called in a similar way), but there was no quarantine there.

Screenshot: Etsy

You can also find masked head jewelry. They are somewhat reminiscent of the portrayal of the characters from the animated series "South Park".

Not without virus decorations, there are already sets of stickers in messengers, so why not hang a "cute virus" on your Christmas tree. Among the hits of the year are toilet paper and masks - they are present on almost all jewelry.

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Among this variety, there are toys that seem to hint that the Grinch did get to Christmas and kidnap him.

Screenshot: Etsy

For those who have replenished their families this year, there are cute toys dedicated to the birth of a baby.

On the site you can find many more all kinds of Christmas tree decorations on different topics, so if you want to replenish your collection of New Year's toys with unusual items, do not miss this chance. Choose purchases to your liking and show 2020 that you cannot be broken.

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