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Scientists have found plastic particles in penises: humanity faces infertility

Microscopic plastic particles found in penises are raising questions about the causes of erectile dysfunction. Contaminants (contaminants that accidentally end up in foods) have recently even been found in testicles and sperm. All this is fraught for men with a decrease in the ability to procreate, writes The Guardian.

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Microplastics (plastic particles less than 5 mm in size) were first discovered in penises.

The study evaluated tissue taken from five men undergoing surgery for erectile dysfunction. Microplastics were found in four cases. The most common were polyester and polypropylene. Both materials are used in the manufacture of packaging for food and drinks, as well as other household items.

The question arose: could microplastics be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction? Recently, contaminants have also been found in testicles and sperm. Male fertility has been declining in recent decades, and experts say the potential impact of microplastics on reproduction needs to be studied.

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Experts said the penis is particularly vulnerable to microplastic contamination due to the high blood flow during an erection. Microplastics enter the body through food, drink, and even the air we inhale, and then enter the bloodstream.

Dr Ranjith Ramasamy, who led the study at the University of Miami in the US, said: “The penis is a vascular spongy organ, so it is definitely vulnerable. We know that erectile dysfunction is caused by many factors. For an erection to occur, good hormones, nerves, blood supply, and smooth muscle are needed.

He was able to discover that microplastics were present in the smooth muscle of the penis. We know those particles shouldn't be there. There is a suspicion that it is they that disrupt the functioning of muscle fibers.”

Ramasamy said more research is urgently needed to determine the possible role of microplastics in erectile dysfunction and male infertility. Sperm counts in men have been declining for decades, and 40% of the low counts are still unexplained, although chemical contamination has been identified in many studies. Recent experiments on mice have shown that microplastics reduce sperm count and cause abnormalities as well as hormonal imbalances.

It appears that people's bodies are highly contaminated with microplastics. Its impact on health has not yet been fully studied, but in laboratory conditions it has been revealed that plastic particles can damage human cells.

These particles can cause inflammation in tissues, much like foreign particles in polluted air do. The chemicals contained in plastic are potentially dangerous. Doctors have found that arterial contamination with microplastics significantly increases the risk of fatal strokes and heart attacks.

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Meanwhile, people continue to drink water from plastic bottles, eat from disposable plastic tableware, and heat food in plastic containers (which is especially dangerous). Millions of tons of plastic waste are dumped into the environment every year, and much of it breaks down into microplastics. These microplastics pollute the entire planet - from the top of Everest to the deepest oceans.

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