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Britney Spears forehead, city and chewing gum: the strangest auction items

Each item costs as much as they are willing to pay for it. This rule of modern trading becomes especially evident when you get acquainted with online auctions. You can buy both real works of art and truly crazy things on them. Edition "Cultural Studies" collected a selection of the strangest lots, which, nevertheless, found their buyers who were ready to pay a fair amount for them.

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The most expensive

Interestingly, today you can put up anything for sale. So, for example, one American citizen decided to put up an ad space for sale ... on her forehead. For money, she was ready to decorate the most visible part of her face with a tattoo of any content.

A serious battle was fought for such an original lot, and two days later it was won by one well-known casino. For 10 thousand dollars, an enterprising woman turned herself into a "walking advertisement" for life. It should be noted that the lady pursued the best goals - the proceeds went to the education of her son at a prestigious college.

Another woman in 2009 tried to sell the name of her unborn child. More precisely, the right to this very name. Before giving birth to a second offspring, she posted on eBay a lot with an unusual offer. Oddly enough, it aroused great interest among buyers, and in a few days the price reached 41 thousand dollars.

The service administration launched a real war, trying to ban such a kind of trade, and ultimately they were able to prove the illegality of this approach. The lot was deleted, and the deal was not completed, which may have saved the baby from long-term participation in the next advertising campaign.

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Musician James Blunt got down to business even more creatively and put up for auction ... his own sister. In fact, this story looks much more decent than it might seem at first. The thing was that the girl urgently needed to get to Ireland for the funeral of relatives, and in the announcement James wrote that "the lady is in trouble and needs the help of a knight." The knight was found very quickly, took off the noble lady in a private helicopter, and then also married her as an honest man, so it all ended very romantic.

"Star dust"

Of course, if we talk about madness, then the first place, of course, can be awarded to fans who idolize their idols and are ready for them for real feats. Among the most famous "rarities" sold through online auctions, you can find the most unusual things.

Britney Spears chewing gum for $ 216. The waiter from a London restaurant serving the star and managed to preserve this “relic” showed ingenuity.

A can with the very air that Angelina Jolly and Brad Pitt exhaled. It is difficult to say how the “sample fence” took place in this case, but the fan who bought the can for 530 dollars was probably very pleased. In any case, the idea of ​​such a product looks ingenious.

One of the most famous and expensive lots of this kind was a toast, half-eaten by Justin Timberlake. An unknown fan paid a little over three thousand dollars for him. When the stars finally realize that any remnants of their meals can be sold so expensively, the need for concerts is likely to disappear.

In 2012, a piece of the wedding cake of one famous couple was sold for almost a thousand dollars. This would not be so surprising if it were not about the wedding of the English Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. At the time of the sale to the sweet lot, it was already 65 years old, but, apparently, the queen really knows the secret of eternal vivacity, and she once tried it on this piece of cake.

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However, the following lots from the point of view of ordinary people look even less attractive. So, for example, at a charity auction for 5300 dollars, the used scarf Scarlett Johansson was sold. The high price is due to the fact that the star not only used it for its intended purpose, but also signed a "rarity".

You can, of course, argue for a long time whether the kidney stone of the actor from "Star Trek" William Shatner cost 25 thousand dollars, and Winston Churchill's denture - 24 thousand, but once bought, then it is so. However, everyone was outdone by a fan who laid out 115 thousand dollars for a handful of Elvis Presley's hair. By the way, this lot has been sold several times. Just one hair from Elvis's head was sold at an auction in Barcelona for $ 1833. The singer’s hairdresser collected and preserved this value. It is possible that if the question of cloning a star ever comes up, then this purchase will indeed be valuable.

Large purchases

For those who do not trifle and love serious acquisitions, there may also be suitable lots at auctions. For example, a few years ago a fragment of the Eiffel Tower was sold for 220 thousand dollars. A small spiral staircase was part of a temporary structure that Gustav Eiffel climbed in the year 1889 to inaugurate this famous building.

The whole city was put up for auction in 2002. Well, or rather, the town, because only 25 people constantly live in Bridgeville. The town is located 400 kilometers from San Francisco, and there was a buyer for 1 770 000 dollars. Interestingly, once sold, the city has since been resold two more times, but buyers in each case remained unknown.

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