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Mega Millions will win $ 415 million jackpot

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Lottery Mega Millions on Friday will raffle a jackpot worth 415 million dollars.

On Tuesday, the 32-th consecutive winner was not determined. Because of this, the sum of the jackpot being played has increased and is in ninth place since the Mega Millions, as well as the Powerball.

Next time I’ll play the lottery on Friday at 11 in Eastern Time. If today no one breaks it, the amount will grow.

The payment of the amount will last more than 30 years, if the winner does not decide to take the winnings in a one-time payment, which is $ 286 million before taxes.

Powerball recently played the biggest jackpots, including $ 1,59 billion in January and $ 430 million in May.

The maximum amount that won the Mega Millions lottery was $ 656 million in March 2012 of the year and $ 648 million in December of 2013 of the year.

Mega Millions are played in 43 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands.

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