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Medical insurance for illegal immigrants and money for the homeless: California adopted a budget

The California legislature passed a budget of $ 214.8 billion.

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The budget includes taxpayer money on health insurance for illegal immigrants low income. They will also allocate $ 2,4 billion to overcome the housing and homelessness crisis in the state.

While the Trump administration continues to fight illegal immigration, the budget, if signed by the governor, will make California the first state to provide state health insurance for some illegal immigrants.

Medical care for these people is part of the Democratic health plan for all California residents.

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This proposal has angered Republican lawmakers, who argue that it is unjust to legally tax people staying in the country for not buying health insurance, while people living in the country are illegally entitled to insurance coverage funded by taxpayers.

“I just don't see priorities,” Republican Senator John Murlach said ahead of the vote. He added that he himself legally immigrated to the United States from the Netherlands in 1960.

Illegal low-income immigrants from 19 to 25 years will receive state health insurance. To provide insurance to approximately 90 000 people will need about 98 million dollars.

Families of four who earn up to 150 500 dollars a year will be assisted in paying monthly insurance premiums.

People who refuse to buy health insurance will have to pay a fine.

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The budget allocates $ 17,1 million to help people get access to Medi-Cal, hearing aids, orthopedic and speech therapy.

The state will allocate $ 650 million to local governments to fight homelessness and will invest $ 500 million in a tax break program to encourage the construction of rental apartments.

Lawmakers pledged $ 5 million to grants homeless shelters so that they can accommodate pets.

The state governor is expected to sign the budget in the coming days. He has 12 days to review the budget and is likely to sign it.

The spending plan is the first at Newsome, who took office in January and positioned himself as Trump's main opponent.

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