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The nurse became the heroine of a flight from Pennsylvania to Florida: she saved the baby, who stopped breathing during the flight

A nurse rescued a baby who had stopped breathing aboard a Spirit Airlines flight from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Orlando, Florida. Writes about it Independent.

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Ian Cassette, meteorologist for Fox 35 in Orlando, said that at some point, three-month-old Angeli, who was with her parents three rows ahead of him on the plane, stopped breathing.

Fortunately, a nurse, Tamara Panzino, was on board and immediately set to work. She managed to help little Angela breathe again.

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In a video posted to Twitter by Cassett, the three-month-old girl giggles cutely in her father's arms.

Passengers burst into applause and cheers as relief reigned in the cabin.

“The parents of three-month-old Angela were horrified because they had never experienced anything like this before,” Cassett wrote. “They praised Tamara’s heroic actions in rescuing the girl.”

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The meteorologist, among other things, praised the "quick action" of the Spirit Airlines flight attendants, who he said helped save the day.

He then said that the emergency crew met the family when the plane landed in Florida.

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