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McDonald's is opening a new chain called CosMc's: what will be on the menu

McDonald's said it is opening a new chain called CosMc's, which will specialize in coffee and other drinks. The move is seen as a challenge to Starbucks and Dunkin'. The publication told in more detail CBS News.

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The company said the first CosMc's restaurant will open in Illinois this month, with plans to open additional locations in 2024.

Speaking at an investor presentation, McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski said the restaurant was inspired by growing demand for an "after-dinner pick-me-up drink." This is a $100 billion market in which McDonald's does not currently have a strong presence. He said the new network will allow the company to create custom drinks that McDonald's restaurants find difficult to produce.

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The concept for CosMc'sCo, according to Kempczinski, can be summed up like this: What would happen if a 1980s McDonald's character who was part alien, part surfer, part robot opened a restaurant in 2023.

What's on the CosMc's menu

The chain will offer new customizable drinks and McDonald's favorites like the muffin, the CEO noted.

Coffee drinks that will be offered include churro frappes, s'mores and turmeric lattes. CosMc's also plans to sell non-coffee drinks, including tart cherry energy shake, blackberry mint green tea and pear slush.

The chain will also offer "sweet and savory treats," Kempczinski said. They include a spicy queso sandwich, an avocado sandwich, tomatillo sandwich, pretzels and caramel fudge brownies.

What drinks can you order?

CosMc's will offer drinks such as popping boba, syrups, energy shakes and vitamin C shakes, McDonald's said.

Where will CosMc's points be located?

The first restaurant will open in Bolingbrook, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, and about 10 more locations will open in Texas in 2024.

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It's unclear whether CosMc's plans to expand further. The company said it will study the results for at least a year before deciding whether to add new locations.

Is McDonald's adding more of its own restaurants?

Yes, McDonald's plans to open about 10 new locations worldwide by 000, which the company believes will be the fastest period of growth in its 2027-year history.

Sales at one restaurant jumped 8,1% in the third quarter, prompting the chain to accelerate its pace of opening new locations.

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