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Missouri mother roasted her newborn daughter in the oven: she claims she did it 'by mistake'

A 26-year-old Missouri mother is accused of roasting her newborn daughter in the oven. Exhausted baby's clothes melted to her diaper, reports Dailymail.

Photo: iStock.com/Dan Brandenburg

Mariah Thomas, 26, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child after XNUMX-month-old Za'Riya May was found dead with "burn wounds."

Police were called to the mother and child's home in Kansas City the day after Thomas' birthday. They discovered that the child was not breathing. The baby was covered in burns and the girl's "blackened" clothes were stuck to her diaper.

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Thomas' shocked friend said Za'Riyah was a "very cheerful" child who "smiled all the time." She speculated that Thomas' mental health may have played a role in the tragedy.

“As far as I know, Mariah has mental problems. She doesn’t have the mentality of an adult, she thinks like a child,” said a friend who last spoke with Thomas 4 days before the tragedy.

Za'Riya's grandfather told police that his granddaughter's mother called him around 13 p.m. on February 00 and said that "there was something wrong with the child." She asked him to return home immediately. Upon returning home, he immediately smelled smoke and found Za'Riya dead in her crib. Thomas told him she "accidentally" put it in the oven.

Police arrived at the home to find Za'Riya in a car seat with "obvious thermal injuries to various parts of her body." She was wearing a bodysuit over a diaper, which appeared to be stuck to it and was "very dirty, possibly burnt."

In addition, the police discovered a burnt baby blanket, which they seized as evidence.

Thomas was taken to police headquarters for questioning, where she invoked her Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. But the detainee agreed for detectives to take a blood test and gain access to her phone data.

Loving mother

Thomas' social media shows her as a loving mother who called her daughter her "princess." In one Facebook post, she states her desire to be "the best mom I can be to my beautiful daughter."

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But in one disturbing post published just weeks before the tragedy, Thomas complained that no one was helping her.

“People who claim to be my friends never visit me or Za'Riya,” she wrote on January 20.

The grieving mother is currently being held at the Jackson County Detention Center.

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