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Mother hid her daughter in the trunk of a car for two years

In the city of Tulle in the south-west of France, 50-year-old resident of this country, Rosa Maria Cruz, was brought before the court, accused of hiding the birth of her child and hiding him, depriving him of food and necessary care.

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She was charged with systematic violence against a child, which led to his disability, the defendant faces 20 years in prison, writes Air force.

50-year-old Frenchwoman of Portuguese descent for more than two years hid from her partner and her three children a fourth pregnancy and a newborn.

A child in 2013 was found by a garage mechanic in which Rosa Maria Cruz's car was being repaired. He heard sounds coming from the trunk.

Opening the trunk, he felt a terrible smell and saw in it a pale, sickly-looking girl of about two years of age, lying naked in his own excrement.

The mechanic, waiting for the arrival of her mother, was very surprised: the woman looked calm and was not at all surprised that her child was in the trunk.

Two years in the trunk and in the basement

Rose Maria Cruz gave birth to her fourth child in 2011. It was the girl she called Serena.

The woman decided to hide the birth of a child and hid her daughter in the trunk of the car and in the basement of her house for two years. Serena was systematically malnourished, it caused a severe delay in the development of the child.

Neighbors told reporters that, having learned about what happened, they were shocked. They did not notice either the pregnancy or the fourth child Cruz, although they regularly communicated with her.

Rosa Maria Cruz reportedly told investigators: "Not a child, but a thing ... The thing that needed to be found in order for her to live."

According to the woman, she started talking to Serena when she was already 18 months. "Because she smiled," - explained Cruz.


Now Serena is about 7 years old. She lives with her adoptive parents.

Immediately after the authorities found out what had happened, Serena’s two brothers and sister, who, from 9 to 15 years, were also placed with guardians for a while. But in the end the children were allowed to live with their father.

The charges against him were dropped: he states that he did not know about Serena.

The trial of the case of Rosa Maria Cruz will last from five to seven days.

The fact whether the woman suffered from psychological diseases is not reported.

Recall that something similar was shocking and the US public. Children of Turpins aged 2 to 29 years were held by their parents in a private home in Perris, California, about 70 miles east of Los Angeles, the sheriff’s Riverside department reported.

Detect the captives succeeded after the 17-year-old girl ran away from home on Sunday, January 14. She called the police with a mobile phone, which she managed to take with her. Soon, the police found a teenage girl who looked 10 years old. Then she told the officers about her 12 brothers and sisters, chained inside the house.

The police arrived at the house of the Turpin family and saw a shocking picture - in the twilight, in a foul-smelling room there were children chained to their beds. Their parents could not give a clear explanation of what is happening.

David Turpin and his wife Louise Turpin did not plead guilty to torture.

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