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Facial masks and online courses: 10 things you can get for free in May

From free meals for healthcare workers and first aid providers to free audiobooks, premium music and television programs: edition Money Talks News Gathered some of the best deals available in May. You can enjoy almost all of these free resources without leaving your home.

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Free face mask

During coronavirus, the mask became an everyday fashion accessory. The Dhvani “Mask for Every American” campaign allows you to request a free mask to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Go to Dhvani websiteto apply for a free mask.

Free Sling TV for Everyone

Want to access even more TV programs for free? Sling TV offers everyone a free Sling Blue package - viewing from 17:00 to midnight every night.

The service, which costs $ 30 per month for round-the-clock access, offers more than 50 channels in real time, over 50 items on request.

Free Amazon Music Unlimited for Three Months

Attention music lovers: for a limited time, new subscribers can use the free three-month trial version of Amazon Music Unlimited. The popular service offers unlimited access to music without ads.

Free credit reports

In response to the pandemic, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion lending agencies offer free weekly credit reports to all credit card holders for one year.

On the subject: 13 restaurants where you can eat for free during a pandemic

This step allows you to better control and protect your creditworthiness during the current financial uncertainty.

Free audiobooks

Listening to audiobooks is a great way to take your time and take your mind off the coronavirus pandemic. Now you can relax and get away from reality with the help of free audiobooks from 10 popular sources:

  • Audible stories
  • OverDrive
  • hoopla
  • Open Culture
  • Audible
  • Librovox
  • Lit2Go
  • Spotify
  • Loyal books
  • Storynory
Free Premium HBO Access

If you have an internet connection, you can get about 500 free premium hours of access from HBO for a limited time.

The #StayHomeBoxOffice promotion includes popular TV shows, films and documentaries, which can be accessed both on and on

Free meals for healthcare providers and first aid providers

To thank the heroes of our country who help fight COVID-19 every day, many restaurants offer these employees free and tasty food. Medical professionals caring for COVID-19 sufferers can get these tasty job offers with proof of employment:

  • Until May 5 in McDonald's - free breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Ten free original glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme waiting for health workers on May 4 and 11.
  • Free small combo for first aid providers at Checkers and Rally restaurants.
Free Online Courses from Harvard

Everyone now has a lot of free time. Why not spend it expanding your horizons with free online courses from Harvard University, one of the country's leading educational institutions?

Sign up for various free classes, including Introduction to Computer Science and Shakespeare's Hamlet: The Ghost. You can view the catalog of courses link.

Free oil change for healthcare workers

Mazda dealers nationwide offer free standard oil changes for healthcare providers.

On the subject: California restaurants will feed older people free on self-isolation

The deal is grateful to those who “devoted themselves to saving lives during this pandemic”, it is valid for most brands of cars and models, and not just for Mazda. Details link.

Free Recipes from The Cheesecake Factory

Do you miss your favorite dishes from The Cheesecake Factory? This restaurant chain has opened access to many of its most popular recipes, from pancakes with lemon and ricotta to Cajun Jambalaya pasta. On the their website You can find out the recipe and cook at home during quarantine.

Finding a financial advisor

Don't bother looking for a specialist you can trust. Great job with this free financial advisor search tool SmartAssetthat connects you with three qualified financial advisors in five minutes. Each of them is checked by SmartAsset and by law it is obliged to act in your interests.

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