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Facial masks and distance: US airlines have announced new safety rules for passengers

All leading American airlines have announced that from now on they will demand that passengers wear medical masks and that no one will be allowed to board the plane without them. This is stated in the video "Voices of America".

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True, there are exceptions, for example, for children. Everyone else is allowed to take off the mask in the cabin only if necessary - to drink water or eat.

The policy of mandatory face masks during the flight was first announced in the US by jetBlue, and soon several other leading US airlines joined this initiative.

Masks are now mandatory, not only for passengers, but also for crew members. And this is not all; airlines are taking other measures to safely transport passengers during coronavirus times.

“We started by doing intensive cleaning and disinfection of the entire aircraft. This procedure kills all viruses on contact, and a few months ago we introduced new medical certifications for our passengers and announced that everyone will be required to wear masks, ”says Barry Biffle, CEO of Frontier Airlines.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, most airlines temporarily canceled flights, and those that continued to fly were half empty. However, recently, either people are tired of isolation, or the crisis began to subside, but more and more photos from crowded planes began to appear, where passengers do not observe social distance or wear masks.

Here is how passenger Prinsis Johnson describes her recent flight: “I felt claustrophobic, because there was no free space on the plane. If someone was sick, we would all be infected too. "

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But on the other route, everything was different, Mike Ricci was pleased with everything.

“Wonderful flight, not many people were on the plane, the flight attendants made sure everyone was at a distance from each other. I would fly again, ”says Ricci.

Airline representatives, including at SouthWest, say their planes are thoroughly cleaned with an electrostatic disinfectant that kills viruses before flying.

Also, for reasons of contact restrictions between passengers and crew, airlines canceled the sale of snacks and drinks on board. And some airlines stopped selling tickets for middle seats, to ensure greater distance.

Frontier has the option of paying $ 39 per ticket to ensure that the middle seat is definitely empty.

“Over the past month, we have blocked every second row of seats so that passengers can sit through one, other airlines are blocking the middle seats, but they do not guarantee this, so we introduced a fee to ensure that the middle seat next to you will not be occupied,” says Biffle.

Frontier Airlines will receive from the US budget $ 170 million under the law adopted in March on economic support for businesses in connection with the crisis due to the coronavirus. And this, according to the companies, will help to cover losses caused not only by limited passenger flow, but also by new restrictive measures.

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