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Mariah Carey fell under the influence of the Russian manager

In show business they discuss the scandal associated with the popular American singer Mariah Carey. The star came under the influence of its manager, a woman with Russian roots named Stella Bulochnikov.

According to, in narrow circles Bulochnikov is called “the Russian dictator”. However, on his page in Instagram the lady herself calls the Russian dictator.

They say that a woman has a negative impact on the singer. And the star as if notices anything.

“Stella is far from being a manager. She is a TV producer. She's almost everywhere with Keri. For any reason, this woman turns to the pop diva, and she unquestioningly fulfills any request of Stella, who is everywhere in the foreground, ”the journalists of the publication write.


A baker in the hotel room. Photo:

Bakers in the hotel room. Photo:


Bakers with a daughter. Photo:

Bakers with a daughter. Photo:

According to the newspaper, Bulochnikov became the manager of Marya Carey a year ago. Moreover, the “Russian dictator” showed her character and persuaded the artist to dismiss several employees from the team. Stella Bulochnikov is trying to imitate all over the star and wants to take Carey's place, reporters write. According to them, the woman will soon take part in a television show, and this will be a good opportunity for her to become famous all over the world.

Carey herself the other day refused to help her 54-year-old sister Alison, who has HIV. This was told by their brother Morgan, who was outraged by the heartlessness of the star, writes

In turn, Mariah is confident that Alison herself is to blame for her troubles. Being engaged in youth prostitution, she became a drug addict and acquired several incurable diseases. When her HIV diagnosis was confirmed, Alison wrote a scandalous memoir in which she told the world several unflattering stories about Mariah. Since then, Carey has no ties with her sister.

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