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Manafort confessed to receiving $ 17 million from the party of Yanukovych

Paul Manafort, who last year was for some time leader Donald Trump's campaign headquarters reported that his consulting firm received over $ 17 million from a Ukrainian political party that had connections with the Kremlin over the course of two years.

He writes about it "Voice of America", with reference to the documents that Manafort submitted on Tuesday, when he officially registered as a lobbyist.

Manafort admitted that he carried out work in the United States on behalf of a foreign power represented by the Ukrainian Party of Regions.

The Party of Regions was the political base of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who fled to Russia during a popular uprising in 2014.

He claims that most of his work for Yanukovych was related to political consulting in Ukraine, where at that time his company's office worked Davis Manafort International.

"Party of Regions" hired Manafort to help create a new image of Yanukovych and his party.

The inclination of Yanukovych and his party to Russia was known for a long time, but the modernizers favored closer ties with the European Union.

All the work of Manafort in Ukraine, about which he reported, took place before the election campaign of Trump.

Manafort's documents show that the Party of Regions invited him to help the party in national and regional elections and to maintain contacts with American diplomats in Kyiv who were observing the elections.

"Paul's focus has always been on the domestic political campaigns in Ukraine, and that is reflected in today's filings," Manafort spokesman Jason Maloney said.

However, the documents admit that part of the work of the firm Manaforta was advising Ukrainian officials on interaction with US government officials in the United States.

The work also included advising the European Center of Modern Ukraine - a non-governmental organization that previously included members of the Yanukovich party.

After the overthrow of the government of Yanukovich, Manafort continued to work in Ukraine, helping the allies of the ousted president and other individuals to form a political bloc that opposed the new pro-Western administration.

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