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A small town in the state of New York where you can find many interesting things.

Directly on Lake Ontario, less than an hour from Niagara Falls, in the town of Olcott there are many interesting things.

Photo: Adam Moss / Flickr

Olcott, also known as Olcott Beach, is home to a little over 1200 residents.

Photo: gardener41 / Flickr

Thanks to unsurpassed views from the waterfront of Lake Ontario, visitors to this small town love to relax by the water.

Photo: Adam Moss / Flickr

Alcott Beach even has a lifeguard on duty.

Photo: gardener41 / Flickr

But one of the main reasons families love coming to Olcott is its own vintage theme park.

Photo: gardener41 / Flickr

The famous amusement park opens at the weekend on Memorial Day.

Photo: gardener41 / Flickr

Vintage rides full of history have been repaired, and the trip will cost you 25 cents.

Photo: Newfane and Olcott Beach, NY Tourism / Facebook

Going back to the good old days, you can go inside to enjoy the game Skee ball or take a ride on the historic carousel.

The Olcott Beach Carousel Park / Facebook

After you enjoy the vintage park, you are welcome to shop in Lakeview village shoppes.

Photo: Adam Moss / Flickr

Bright color shops are easy to find on Ontario, and they are open 7 days a week, including Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Photo: shayesky / TripAdvisor

If we talk about places where you can eat, there is one small store where you just need to try the amazingly delicious popcorn that has been served here since the beginning of 1920's.

Photo: Darren P / TripAdvisor

If you are in Olcott and you want to spend the day under the sun, you can go to Krull Park - a park of more than 300 acres, which is open all year round and is great for a picnic, because it is located near the water.

Photo: gardener41 / Flickr

In addition to all the amazing attractions in the city, Olcott also holds a number of exciting events throughout the year to help you have fun.

Photo: gardener41 / Flickr

So, who is ready to spend the day by the water and enjoy the incredible town of Alcott?

Photo: Lakeview Village Shoppes / TripAdvisor

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