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Macron said that NATO is considering sending troops to Ukraine: Russia responded with threats

French President Emmanuel Macron openly discussed the possibility of sending European troops to Ukraine to help Kyiv win the war against Russia, reports CNN.


It is highly unlikely that Western countries will send troops to Ukraine, but Macron's comments on February 26 after the summit in support of Ukraine caused an immediate reaction from the Kremlin and forced European leaders to issue clarifications. A NATO spokesman said the alliance has “no plans” to station combat troops in Ukraine.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who attended the meeting in Paris, said that while there had been good debate and detailed discussion on the topic, summit participants were "unanimously opposed" to the deployment of troops.

Macron explained to reporters at a press conference that although he and European leaders did not reach a consensus on the deployment of European troops in Ukraine, this prospect was discussed openly.

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“Nothing can be ruled out,” he said. “We will do everything possible to prevent Russia from winning this war.”

However, on February 27, many European officials spoke out against such a plan. Among them were some of Ukraine's most ardent supporters, including Britain, Poland, Spain and Italy, as well as officials from Hungary and Slovakia (the leaders of these two countries have been criticized as pro-Russian).

However, Macron said that a new coalition would be created to supply Ukraine with medium- and long-range missiles.

“We are at a critical moment in this conflict that requires us to take the initiative,” he noted.

With congressional Republicans holding up $60 billion in funding for Ukraine, the burden has fallen to Europe. It must help arm Ukraine.

Ukrainian soldiers on the front line say they are already running low on ammunition. This costs them dearly on the battlefield. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a recent interview that “millions” could die if Washington fails to provide his country with more aid.

The European Union has already provided more than $150 billion in aid to Ukraine, but sending troops would be a drastic step.

Macron noted that Western democracies have gradually increased their support to levels unthinkable at the start of the war. He cited the example of Germany, which offered Kyiv helmets and sleeping bags at the beginning of the conflict and now says more needs to be done to supply the country with missiles and tanks.

“Today the use of NATO troops in Ukraine is opposed by the same people who at the beginning of the war said that they would “never” give Ukraine aircraft and long-range missiles,” Macron emphasized. “We need to understand that we have always been six to eight months late in providing help.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on February 27 that such a deployment of troops in Ukraine would lead to a conflict between the West and Moscow.

“In this case, we need to talk not about the likelihood, but about the inevitability of conflict. - said Peskov. “These countries must evaluate and recognize this by asking themselves whether it is in their interests, as well as the interests of the citizens of their countries.”

“To maintain personal power, Macron came up with nothing better than to spark a third world war. His initiatives are becoming dangerous for French citizens,” wrote State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin in his Telegram channel. He noted that Macron should remember the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte, whose army of thousands was defeated by Russia in the 19th century.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke more harshly: “It seems to me that those who not only express such thoughts, but even admit them in their heads, should use their heads for more rational thoughts, safer for Europe.”

War in Europe

Macron appears to be trying to once again reassert himself as the symbolic leader of a united Europe.

Given Trump's strong chances of winning the US election and his antipathy towards NATO, Macron stressed that the burden of defending against any future Russian aggression must fall on Europe.

Macron warned at the start of the summit that Russia would likely attack other European countries in the coming years.

“This is a European war,” he emphasized. “This is our land and our continent.”

Macron made it clear that he is ready to change his opinion on the purchase of weapons for Ukraine, because previously the French president was against purchasing them outside the bloc.

Macron's change of position on arms purchases outside the EU may seem contrary to Europe's desire for self-sufficiency. But it rather reflects how hard the war in Ukraine has hit European arms stocks.

A year ago, officials warned that due to arms supplies to Ukraine, countries were experiencing major shortages of a wide range of weapons.

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The urgent need to arm Ukraine as quickly as possible means that buying weapons exclusively within the EU is simply unrealistic.

However, Macron's change of heart does not mean that he is abandoning the idea of ​​purchasing weapons for the EU within the European Union. This remains a long-term goal, and Kyiv's rearmament is a short-term necessity.

The US State Department and Pentagon have confirmed that President Joe Biden has ruled out sending US troops to fight in Ukraine.

“Of course, every country is free to defend its interests, but the president has made it clear that the United States will not send its troops to fight in Ukraine. The NATO Secretary General has ruled out the participation of any Alliance troops in combat operations in Ukraine,” State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said at a press briefing.

Pentagon spokesman Major General Pat Ryder clarified “to be clear”: “We have no plans to send American troops to fight in Ukraine.”

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