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Major Russian bank ends up in Ukraine

Bank of Ukraine has been bouncing for the last couple of year. The National Bank announced clearing and closed down about 40% of financial institutions. Ihor Kolomoiskyi, the largest bank in the country, Privatbank, owned by Swiss and Dnipropetrovsk oligarch, has been nationalized. Ukraine implemented sanctions against Ukrainian subsidiaries of Sberbank, VTB, and Vneshekonombank, and they were put up for sale.

Prominvestbank is one of these subsidiary companies, owned by Russian Vneshekonombank, and one of the largest banks in Ukraine. Recently, it was announced that the desire to purchase the institution. His statement caused a stir of expert discussions in media. It would be possible to prevent the bank from acquiring the financial institution. Experts also speak up their desire to own them

ForumDaily The opinion of the experts discussed it in various ways.

Reputation tail

Executive director of, Mykola Volhov told Apostroph that negative reputation trail will probably be prevented from being a candidate to buy Prominvestbank. “Investor Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi has problems with financial standing and financial standing. Back during Yanukovych's tenure, he was the richest resident of Kharkiv. It has been found that it has been worth it. Back in 2012, the expert said.

He added that he would have been able to buy Prominvestbank.

“Another high-profile subject is criminal cases related to experiments with Kharkiv Tractor Plant. The plant was preparing for subsequent dismantlement and export to Russia of equipment from casting shops", the expert continues. “They prepared technical and engineering documents for the plant's products to take them abroad. They failed to take out the plant thanks to SBU. From March to April 2016, four searches were conducted in the Kharkiv Tractor Plant which resulted in arrest of the company's accounts and property."

“The Defense Ministry says that it’s not a problem.” It would be a halt in production. Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, who is also a goddess for children. Reshuffle back then: the plant has been allegedly a Russian oligarch Deripaska retained control over it, ”Volhov said.

Non-conformity with legislation

Center for Political Intelligence director Oleh Posternak said that Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi beforehand it can not be a scandals. Posternak told Yaroslavskyi's activities: “Summing up the subject of investment projects” and “transparent” schemes. “Yaroslavskyi’s intention to acquire large assets in this country.”

Other experts agree with this opinion. Mykola Spyrydonov, expert of the Ukrainian Institute for Analysis and Management of Policy told It is a financial institution.

“Yaroslavskyi reconstructed Metalist Arena at public cost, and then sold it to Serhii Kurchenko and thus made $50 million. It's worth mentioning a scandal around illegal takeover of Kremenchuk Oil Refinery by companies affiliated with Privat Group of Kolomoiskyi and DCH of Yaroslavskyi. Currently, Tatarstan is fighting Ukraine in European courts demanding a compensation of $144 million and a return of lost shares of Ukrtatnafta", the expert recalls.

“The company says its assets were taken in a fraudulent manner. 2 part 8 article 34 and 2 part 10 article 34 article “On banks and banking” “NBU is able to ban Yaroslavskyi from participation in the purchase of any financial asset, a bank, etc. 2 part 15 of the Law of Ukraine 'On banks and banking.' It doesn’t meet the requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine. ”

Stranger's interests

The announcement of the purchase of Privatbank by Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi Ukrainian publicist and political expert of Ukrainian Institute for Analysis and Management of Policy Volodymyr Volia says it’s possible that it’s Ihor Kolomoiskyi who actually stands behind Yaroslavskyi's activities.

Volia posted on Facebook: “One of the columns for Kolomoiskyi’s return might be a well-known businessman, O.Yaroslavskyi, He wasnt investing. But then he showed up a bit more internationally. Media reports that Kolomoiskyi and Yaroslavskyi currently apply to the Odesa Port Plant. ”

Volia added that many of his colleagues share the same opinion. He also commented on the interview of president for Ukrainian Analytical Center Oleksandr Okhrimenko, who also said Yaroslavskyi was not independent. Volia wrote: “It is possible that Yaroslavskyi backs Kolomonisbanki on the issues of development and marketing. Arguments listed by Okhrimenko regarding many cases say exactly this scenario. ”

Old ties

Yaroslavskyi had to be suspected earlier when he was buying large assets.

One of the cases involves Yaroslavskyi's purchase of a privately held corporation Sukha Balka. It came as a surprise for many experts. As put by the abovementioned Oleksandr Okhrimenko, president of the Ukrainian Analytical Center, there are no economic grounds for it. “DCH group has no assets related to mineral production; its business interests focus on development, mechanical engineering, and transport. At the moment, there are no commercial assets for Sukha Balka. It’s not a matter of what’s going to be a ballast, ”” “Chances are he is buying it for someone else. This could be a purchase for the interests of Kolomoiskyi. [Kolomoiskyi - FD], this is a core asset for him. He was deprived of it in 2007, but kept 'dreaming to return it'. ”

Spyrydonov, commenting on the legal issues. “In 2006, analysts were surprised when the Ukrainian businessman BNP Paribas. 51 billion hryvnia [around $ 5.7 billion at that time - FD]? In addition, they believe experts believe. Businessman like Yaroslavskyi definitely must have that. However, it is possible to understand something. In 2006, global recession started in the United States. Probably, Yaroslavskyi realized Ukraine Ukraine. Yaroslavskyi, BNP Paribas, “French banking group, Yaroslavskyi”, BNP Paribas, ”Spyrydonov says.

It should be noted. “For a long time after sale, I’ve left the bank.” Multimillion loan issuance Non-returns for the loans; the volumes were increased without relevant financial and economic reasons. Under Yaroslavskyi, Ukrsyb was seeing a crisis in corporate loans. Companies that have had more and more include Raiz, Ukrros, XXI Vik, ISD, Karavan. AIS company belonging to MP Dmytro Sviatash had its credit limits increased. Subsequently, it became one of the most problematic debtors of the bank, ”the expert said.

It was a question that the government had to pay it back. He said that he would like to have a look at what he said.

Spyrydonov puts it this way: “We can conduct from aside. Of course, they have access to more information. But he doesn’t need to know. It would not be that successful project. There is a lot of funeral wisdom. ”

Ihor Kolomoiskyi in his turn, DCH President Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi, former governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region. In his recent interview with Censor.NET Yaroslavskyi avoided directly Prominvestbank for Kolomoiskyi. Instead he joked: “Listen, I have five kids. Why would I need Kolomoiskyi? Let him take care of his kids himself. If I’m Children Learn More Those who say they should take a look at my daughter. They will understand that they will not be able to work. ”

Looks like Yaroslavskyi has his own reasons not to answer.

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