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Miami: a paradise for the rich and fun lovers

Miami Photo: Depositphotos

Miami Photo: Depositphotos

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Noisy party with a turquoise pool and tanned beauties on sunbeds. The bartenders make a shower of champagne and generously pour the guests “sparkling”, after which they dance on the bar counters.

Yuppi in ironed outfits at + 35, removing sweat from her forehead, rush to a business meeting in a cafe in the center of Miami.

A native of Cuba happily greets guests in his small coastal restaurant while his wife cooks in the kitchen, and his son takes orders.

A homeless girl in an old dress and brand-name holey shoes with a dirty striped bag in her hand, begging money from tourists near the shopping center.

If I were asked to describe Miami in one word, I would choose the word "different". Here luxury quietly coexists with poverty, parties - with business days, wealthy Americans - with "hungry" immigrants, and the scorching sun - with natural showers.

Miami is a city of beaches, palm trees and contrasts. Photo:

Miami is a city of beaches, palms and contrasts. Photo:

Who would have thought that the village in which a large citrus plantation was once located would turn into a whole metropolis called Miami. By the way, this is the only city in the United States founded by a woman - Julia Tuttle.

Fisher Island can only be reached by own yacht or by helicopter. Photo:

Fisher Island can only be reached by own yacht or by helicopter. Photo:

In a thin strip of land with mangroves, she saw the potential, as businessmen John Collins and Karl Fischer had once seen him in the future Miami Beach. Now, the street in Miami is named after the first, and the island with the most expensive real estate in the sunny city is named after the second.

If you have not been to Ocean Drive, then you do not know what freedom and fun are. Photo:

If you have not been to Ocean Drive, then you do not know what freedom and fun are. Photo:

And if Miami is more about American rationality and quiet tourism, then suburban Miami Beach is a riot of carelessness and fun that personifies its most famous street, Ocean Drive. Here you can see the full color line of Lamborghini and Ferarri and visit the famous club Mango`s Tropical Café or any other restaurant on Lincoln Road with a wide line of all cuisines of the world. And get ready - during the walk you will certainly be haunted by the smell of marijuana. Without it, Miami Beach can no longer be imagined.

Winwood is the most unusual district of Miami. Photo:

Wynwood is Miami's most quirky neighborhood. Photo:

If you want more hipster Miami, without screaming signs of brand shops and expensive cars, art district Winwood - the very thing. This is, in fact, an open-air street art gallery, on which you can wander all day long, taking photos of yourself in front of fancy wall paintings. Exactly at Winwood is the most popular exhibition of contemporary art "Art Basel". Diner Restaurant at 2601 NW 2nd Ave is another atmospheric and “tasty” place worth visiting in a hipster area.

Villa Vizcaya is one of the most beautiful open-air museums of Miami. Photo:

Villa Vizcaya is one of Miami's most beautiful open-air museums. Photo:

Or here's another great place - Villa Vizcaya. Once private property industrialist James Doering today is a museum and wedding venue. The estate is located in the Coconut Grove area of ​​Miami. Needless to say, this sumptuous palace with over 70 bedrooms and a fabulous garden is a must-see.

From Kay Biscayne offers a beautiful view of the skyscrapers of Miami. Photo:

From Kay Biscayne offers a beautiful view of the skyscrapers of Miami. Photo:

And don't miss Key Biscayne and its American restaurant Rusty Pelikan, which offers a wonderful view of downtown Miami.

And most importantly, do not worry about the weather in Miami - in any case, you will fall under the rain. Abrupt shifts of “mood” are characteristic of the local latitudes. Tropics!

With all its existence, Miami says to its guests: “Don't worry, be happy. Enjoy what is here and now. The best is yet to come. Just some 100 years ago, I was only land purchased for a citrus farm. ”

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