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A will in the USA is very important: how to make it quickly and inexpensively

In order not to go to the office of a lawyer who has to pay a high hourly rate, you can use online programs - they will help to draw up a will, and you will not have to leave your home, and you will also receive a service at a reasonable price, recommends USNews.

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Finding the right software for making a will can simplify the process by keeping your heirs in order and order. Regardless of the value of your assets and savings, having a will makes it easier for your loved ones to distribute inherited assets.

We offer several programs to help you write a will on the Internet and provide other planning solutions.

Quicken WillMaker & Trust

If you need everything for an individual scheme of distribution of inherited property, collected in one place, Quicken provides software for creating wills, financial power of attorney, trust and other inheritance-related documents. The services come in a $ 99,99 package for the 2021 version. A questionnaire on the site will help you decide what documents you need.


To make a will without registering or creating an account, you can use the free online tool Fabric... If you have a simple family situation, then this service will suit you perfectly. After answering a few questions, all you have to do is print the will and make it legally binding. The process takes about five minutes. This service is free, but the site also sells life insurance policies.


If you would like a professional to assist you in drafting your online will, LegalZoom provides access to an independent attorney who is familiar with the laws of your state. A legal advisor is available at the beginning of the probate process. You can also start drafting your will yourself using the questionnaire on the website. If you have any questions during the consideration process, you will have the opportunity to seek help from a lawyer. A legal advisor is also available after you complete your will to help you update this document or resolve related issues within a year. Prices start at $ 89.

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If you are in a hurry LawDepot offers to help create a document in just five minutes. If you have any questions, you are invited to call, write by e-mail or talk to a specialist in the chat through the help center of the site. To purchase a will, there is the option to launch a free trial, which gives you access to all legal documents on the site for one week. In addition, you can download over 150 legal document templates that are valid in all 50 states. Then you have to pay $ 33 monthly. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Do your own will

For those who wish to avoid big expenses, Do your own will provides a free way to draw up a will. You will need to answer questions, download a document in Word or PDF format - and the will is ready. Other inheritance planning documents are available free of charge, including a pet guardian trust document and a long-term power of attorney. Although the services are free, the website states that if the case is difficult, it is more useful to seek legal advice and use other planning tools.

US Legal Wills

To draw up detailed instructions for loved ones, use the services US Legal Wills... Online Wills Making Tool offers answers to questions about your estate. This will help you agree on the information your estate manager uses to properly allocate assets. The service also has additional features, such as the option to exchange data between matrimonial accounts. You will pay $ 39,95 for a will and cover the costs of services such as issuing a power of attorney or storing documents for more than a year.


To services FreeWill resort to create a document in just 20 minutes. But if during the passage of the stages it turns out that your case is more complicated than you imagined, then the site will still be useful to you. FreeWill provides free forms that you can fill out and give to an attorney, which can save you time and money.

Rocket Lawyer

If you are unsure what to include in a will, Rocket Lawyer provides free templates that you can customize according to your situation. The site will guide you through the process to help you decide what to include in your will. In addition, it provides information on other legal documents related to estate planning. You can pay $ 39,99 for a will, or you can become a premium member for $ 39,99 per month to gain access to additional legal services.

Total Legal

Online survey using Total Legal will allow you to determine what is needed for your property orders. Once you create your will online, you can print it out or prefer to receive it by mail. The site then provides instructions on how to sign this executive order specifically for your state. The cost of the service is $ 19,95. There are other will planning documents available on the site.

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Trust & Will

It is possible to make a will in just 10 minutes Trust & Will... The site provides individual wills and state-specific instructions to guide you through the process. The minimum cost of the service is $ 89 per person or $ 159 for a couple. In addition, the service offers a service for the creation of documents for trust funds and trustees.


Gentreo offers a full range of inheritance distribution services to help you take into account all the circumstances of your particular situation. If you have a large family, special gifts, or special wishes for your pet, the site will detail how to determine your preferences and create a will that suits your needs. Once the order is complete, you can upload it to your family vault and choose which beneficiaries will have access to it. The site also offers additional estate planning documents such as power of attorney for health care. Membership is a minimum of $ 9,99 per month.

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