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The best shops and sites for the sale of unnecessary things

In the spring, there is always a desire to clean the house of unnecessary things in the wardrobe, garage or under children's beds. One of the ways to do this is to arrange a garage sale, but in this case you will have to say goodbye to unnecessary at the lowest prices. If your goal is to gain as much money as possible, then here is a list of the best places to sell used items, according to Money Talks News.

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Фото: Depositphotos


If you have brand and designer items in good condition, it’s best to take them to your local thrift shop. Depending on the policy of the store, you will be paid either immediately or after the sale of each item. The amount you receive also depends on the store. Some keep 50% of the sales revenue for themselves, others more or less. If you agree to the payment of a loan in this store instead of cash, then you will be returned more.

If you live in an area where there are no commission shops, check out sites such as Thredup, Tradesy or But depending on the things or the site, you can get less money back than in the local commission.


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Фото: Depositphotos

Book commission shops are an endangered species. If you have one near you, you should go and ask how much they will give for your book collection. If not, there are dozens of websites on the Internet where you can sell used books, including very large sites, such as Amazon и

To find out how much your books cost, go to the website. BookScouter.comwhich shows prices of more than 40 sites. To find out how much your publications will sell on, you need to go straight there.

Most of the money comes from, as a rule, recently used textbooks and popular hardcover publications. Paper binding and old textbooks are best donated to a local commission store and get a tax rebate.

Movies and video games and Amazon are also suitable for selling movies and video games. You set the price depending on the condition of the thing and wait for your buyer. Another place to sell old movies, CDs and video games is Decluttr. You enter the names of what you have, and the site gives you an estimated cost. If it suits you, you send your things to them, and they write you a check.

Offline video games also accept networks like GameStop and Play N Trade. They buy used games, and some - and films. The cost depends on many factors, but here, at least, you do not need to send anything anywhere.

Collectible и antique things

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Фото: Depositphotos

If you have really valuable antiques or a collection of expensive items, then you get the most money for them through auctions. Look for an auction house that specializes in items that you have - they can attract the most interested buyers.

If you have antiques or collectibles that are not quite suitable for auctions, look for an antique store that might be interested in buying them or taking them on sale.

You can also try your luck on eBay. But only if you have something original and interesting to customers, otherwise your product will be lost among millions of other lots. Try to put it immediately with the price of an instant purchase (Buy It Now) or with a purchase in reserve, if you want to earn a specific amount for your item.

Porcelain и dinner sets

Today it is difficult to sell for good money even porcelain and sets of good quality.

Replacements и International Association of Dinnerware Matchers buy porcelain and sets. This is probably the easiest way to get a decent price for your stuff. Of course, these sites then sell your stuff much more expensive to other buyers.

But if you want to do without intermediaries, then immediately try to sell on eBay. But just like with antiques, your lots can be lost among competitors. First, look at the closed lots of similar subjects for the price of a particular brand or type of porcelain. Secondly, try to sell things separately instead of trying to sell everything together.

Athletic equipment

Some second-hand stores, such as Play It Again Sports, specialize in used fitness equipment. They can buy small things from you, such as bats, balls and protective equipment. More things (treadmills, for example) they take on the implementation.

Sports equipment can also be sold on Craigslist. It is important to remember about security. If you are selling through this site, it is better to meet with the buyer in a public place, and not to invite to your home.

However, if you are selling a large item (such as a treadmill), you may have no choice but to invite the buyer to your home to pick up the item. In this case, try moving it to the garage or driveway to avoid encounters inside the house. Invite a friend (preferably with a large dog) to your home when you meet the buyer.

Musical Instruments

Unfortunately, most of the old pianos, organs, and similar instruments are sold for a penny. You're lucky if you can get rid of them at all. But the old clarinet of little Johnny may be worth something.

If you decide to sell an old instrument, first of all, go to a local music store. For a couple of dollars, they can inspect it, clean it, check for defects, and estimate the cost. Ask them if they take the tools for implementation.

If not, “Plan B” is to go to the music class of the local school and inform them that you have a tool for sale. The teachers of the orchestras can report this to parents whose children are already playing or are about to learn.

If these options do not work, try putting your tool on Craigslist. To avoid becoming a victim of fraudsters, choose the option of payment in cash or by bank transfer, and the sale only to local buyers.


If the furniture you are about to sell is not antique, and it cannot be sold through an auction, then you will most of all help out for it if you put it on Craigslist or in a local newspaper.

In the case of placing ads in the ad section in the newspaper, put the price slightly higher than the one you want to receive. Many buyers love to bargain. First you can take advantage of this. furniture cost calculator (indicates how much your furniture has dropped in price).

Note, however, that a drop in price and a fair market price are not the same thing. Depending on the area, it may be that almost new furniture has to be sold at half price. If you do not want to bother with the sale, you can look for a commission shop that will pick up your furniture for sale.


There are many options to sell old electronic devices: through Craigslist, eBay, under the program of redemption of retail networks, or on electronic exchange sites with surcharge, such as:

How much you can help out depends on the site and the program.

If you have old or broken electronics, you can also earn money on it (in more detail in this article in english).

Regardless of how old devices are sold, be sure to first erase all personal data from hard drives.

Other things

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

There is a lot more you can sell: kitchen gadgets, toys, trinkets, picture frames, and more. Except in rare cases, these things, unfortunately, cost a penny. It is better to sell them through the garage sale in your yard.

What is even better, if you do not need to get paid for it right away, collect all your “good” and take it to the local commission shop. In some cases, they themselves can come and pick up boxes with things you do not need. In this case, you get a tax rebate, as well as a pleasant feeling of cleansing the house and that your things will benefit other people.

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The best shops and sites for the sale of unnecessary things

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