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The best ski resorts for the whole family in the USA



Almost every major ski resort in America seeks to create good conditions for family holidays. Skiing with the whole family is a serious source of income and the opportunity for resorts to sell tickets for lifts, rent apartments and provide ski lessons, reports USA TODAY.

Therefore, each large resort has many amenities for families. For example, transfers from airports, descents for beginners and beginners, as well as convenient territory planning with short distances between housing, descents and parking.

Skiing holidays with children can be exhausting. However, there are resorts aimed at serving families and allowing parents to rest for a while thanks to thoughtful planning.

Especially for USA TODAY Travel team ZRankings created this ranking of North American ski resorts. Experts have traveled all the major places of winter recreation, including with children. They took into account the most important factors, thus creating a list of the best family ski resorts in North America.

  1. Keystone - 98. points

Keystone belongs to a group Vail Resortswhich, like no one else, can simplify holidays for families. The company has developed a formula for resorts to make it easier for children to move around the mountains: housing with the option of skiing from the doorstep and a town with accommodation, restaurants and children's entertainment areas at the foot of the mountain.



В Keystone All this is done at the highest level. No one in this area can compare with this resort, experts say. To designate their obligations to families, they even came up with a separate brand - Kidtopia. Unique children's objects Keystone - These are huge snow fortresses and playgrounds on the territory of the base, as well as special children's routes.

Another unpleasant moment during a family ski holiday is the movement of children from the car (or hotel, or at home) to the slopes. Usually mom and dad carry their equipment, children's things, and in some cases the children themselves. And that's not all: small children find it difficult to walk in snowmobiles, so the transition from car to ski lift can take forever.

At the resort Keystone This issue is resolved in 2 ways. Firstly, parking is located in close proximity to the foot of the mountain (and it is also free - a great rarity for a large resort in Colorado). And secondly, and this is the most important: Keystone parents are given free vans to transport equipment. There are many of them - both in the parking lot and throughout the town with recreation centers. Parents only need to load their equipment, baby things and the children themselves into the van and walk around the base.

Day in the mountains Keystone children do not feel so long because of the daily parades. The procession departs from the ski school to the center of the town. She pleases children with flags, trinkets, as well as free cookies.

Restaurants here are also created for family holidays. Definitely the most popular Dinner sleigh ride. To dine or dine in this wooden house high on a mountain plain, you need 20 minutes to go in a sleigh pulled by horses. It serves steaks, chicken, salmon and beef hot dogs for children. Often in the restaurant plays the guitar and performed folk and cowboy songs.

Another good restaurant - Keystone ranchserving steaks and pork. If the parents manage to hire a nanny, or if the children enjoy the restaurants, then you can go to dinner Ski trip lodge, one of the best restaurants in the ski resorts of the country.

Big advantage Keystone - its natural landscape with long and wide descents of medium complexity. It is great for family holidays in the mountains. Parents do not need to dangle from mountain to mountain to find a suitable place for the descent of the whole family.

  1. Beaver creek - 96., 5 points

Resort Beaver creek unique among the resorts of the group Vail for family holidays for several reasons. There are many slopes for beginners and uncertain skiers right at the foot of the mountain. And for kids there is a special trailer. Buckaroo Expressin which they can warm up between the descents from the slides for the little ones.



It is even more interesting that beginner skiers have much to grow here: from the simplest slopes they can go to conquer the entire mountain and even get to a large green terrace. Beaver creekwhich is on top of the resort. In this regard, the resort is unique, since other mountains, as a rule, the higher, the more difficult to descend. Here, newcomers and intermediate skiers can descend from the summit, before enjoying the incredible views and snow of the state of Colorado.

The final touch of the resort: famous chocolate chip cookies Beaver creek. It is distributed free of charge to all visitors who come to the foot of the mountain by the end of the day.

  1. Park city - 94,3. score

Probably nowhere in the whole world is there such a successful combination of a mountain for a descent and a tourist town, as in Park city. But not only so nice to come here with the whole family. From the slopes to the airport in Salt Lake City - 35 minutes away. Airlines Delta fly here from dozens of cities in the USA and Canada. The road with children is not the most pleasant pleasure, but Park city You can get relatively easy, as well as relax and ride all the way and fly home on an evening flight on the last day of your holiday.



There is a ski school on the mountain. Park city. Parents can go straight from the ticket office to the snow tracks with their children, or they can give them away for the whole day. To register, you do not need to go far or stand in lines - it passes right by the slopes. Park city - This is a set of soft and winding slopes, where families can have a great time together.

  1. Winter Park - 93. score

Compared to other ski resorts in the 2,5 area, an hour’s drive from Denver, Winter Park more relaxed atmosphere and better planning. It focuses on ski school and family holidays. There are a lot of tracks that are suitable for children.

Lift tickets and other costs in Winter Park slightly cheaper than in the resorts closer to the highway І-70, and this is again beneficial for families. In the town itself there is a very cozy atmosphere, there are no big shopping centers. Accommodation here is cheaper than in other areas of the Colorado mountains, and it is easier to book.

  1. Northstar - 92., 9 points

Northstar - another resort network Vail. The image of the expensive rest to the north of Lake Tahoe was fixed behind him. At the same time, it is one of the best options for a family holiday in the Sierra.

The recreation center here is relatively new, with a large number of places to stay, built around the central zone of the resort, adjacent to the slopes. Families living at the base, easy to get to the snow trails. The presence of small vans also simplifies this task, as in Keystone.

Vans are usually located near the parking lot. Parents can use them at any time to transport children and equipment. The use of the vans is free of charge, and from the parking lot you can go for tickets, ski rental or local Starbucks.

  1. Telluride - 90., 2 points

After you arrive at Montrose airport and arrive from there to Telluride By car or shuttle (about 60-70 minutes away), you will no longer need vehicles. Telluride, probably, can be called the most pedestrian ski resort in North America. At any point here you will reach without difficulty, and this is very important for family holidays.



The trick is that on the territory of the resort Telluride rides the car platform. It connects the old mining town, where bars and restaurants work, with the Mountain village, where holidaymakers live. The car runs from 7 in the morning until midnight, for free.

Resort slopes Telluride end right in the Mountain village and the old town. Therefore, there is a lot of housing with the option of skating from the threshold. Often during the winter holidays, parents have to make a lot of effort to get the children out of the table on the descent. But here it is not a problem at all - the descent begins right at your door.

  1. Aspen mountain, Buttermilk, Snowmass, Highlands - 90,1. points

Regional airport in Aspen, where flights from Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston and other major airports fly, is considered one of the best for skiers and the easiest in terms of transport links for winter holidays with children. Skiers can literally walk from the airport to the slopes Buttermilk.

The city is just 5 minutes from the airport, so many hotels and resorts pick up their guests after arrival for free. Short distances allow you to ride in the days of arrival and departure. It makes life easier for parents on vacation.

In terms of descents, few ski resorts compare to Buttermilk for convenience for children and beginner skiers. There are very soft descents and straight lines of decline, that is, it is easy to learn to ride without the risk of flying into the crowd of holidaymakers. At the resort Snowmass you will have the strong feeling that everything is there. Many families prefer just such a vacation.

  1. Alta - 89,4 points

Better snow than in Alta, can not found. How not to find another such cozy and home ski school as at this resort. Alta known for its snow and slopes, as well as a warm attitude towards little skiers.

Skiing parents will love to go down with their little campers along the beautiful white tracks of the resort. Alta.

  1. Deer valley - 88,7 points

At the resort Deer valley There is nothing to complain about. The food here is very tasty, and immaculate houses are located around the mountain. Everything together creates a feeling of paradise on earth, in which parents do not have to make special efforts to pull the children to the slopes.

Among other things Deer valley, like Park City, is just 35 minutes from Salt Lake City Airport.

Ski school Deer valley considered one of the best in the world. Some clients even carry their instructors behind them to other resorts (with their permission, of course).

If you are looking for extra bright sensations, try Fireside Dining at Empire Canyon Lodge в Deer valley. This restaurant is open every evening during the ski season. Traditional Swiss dishes are served here: rakletes, lamb shanks and chocolate fondue fountains.

  1. Big Sky - 87,9 points

This resort in Montana is one of the largest in North America after Park City and Whistler. Most of the territory is occupied by simple descents, wide ribbing cutting planting wide pine.

Families will love the fact that there are almost no crowds of tourists. This allows children to frolic as they please.

Housing in Big Sky abound, and it is inexpensive when compared to other resorts. Almost all the houses and hotels are located near the foot of the mountain. With good weather landscapes Big Sky are among the most beautiful in the world to create family photos from winter holidays.

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