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Best vacation ideas for every month of 2016 of the year

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Vacation is a period in the preparation of which many people approach very responsibly, because they want to organize an interesting vacation and keep within the planned budget.

Edition Time compiled a list of the best vacation spots for each month of 2016, taking into account not only the beauty and sights of each of the places, but also the most favorable price offers.


Asheville, North Carolina

The mountain peaks may still be covered in snow, but January in Asheville is relatively mild, with temperatures sometimes reaching 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit (10-15 degrees Celsius) this month. This is ideal weather for sightseeing tours, not to mention gatherings in cozy restaurants of this town. From January 19 to January 28, Asheville hosts Restaurant week, when famous cafes offer preferential menus: a two-course lunch for 15 dollars or a three-course dinner for 30 dollars.


British columbia

Whistler is one of the most famous ski resorts in North America. The US dollar in this Canadian province is 12% more expensive than the Canadian dollar, so everything that is north of the US-Canadian border is sold at a discount.



Safari trips are bragging rights, but the cost of a March trip to Namibia drops dramatically during the green (or rainy) season in South Africa. Fortunately, Namibia is largely in the desert, and the two inches of rain that falls on average in this country during March serves to grow green in the countryside.


East coast of maryland

Holidays in this area are especially popular - and therefore expensive in the summer, but this coast is just as beautiful and less crowded in the spring. The crab season in Maryland begins on April 1, and the Kite Festival kicks off in Ocean City Maryland on April 29.



After the flowering of cherry blossoms stops in Tokyo, prices in hotels are reduced by an average of 15%. Another good news, experts predict in 2016, the decline in the cost of air travel from the US to Japan by 20%.


Umbria, Italy

Unlike Venice and the Amalfi Coast, the town of Umbria, two hours from Rome, is the more accessible resort of Italy and less adored by tourists, despite the wealth of vineyards, olive groves and beautiful mountain views from this city. The average cost of one night in a hotel in Umbria is about 59 dollars.


Kayukos, CA

July is the high season month on the California coast. Jogging Sur is the most popular in the region, but about 100 miles south of this town you will find equally dazzling Pacific vistas and rocky cliffs, but at more affordable prices. Welcome to Central Coast!



This state is the owner of seven national parks at once, which makes it a great place to enjoy celebrations in honor of the National Park Service. In addition, after 15 August rafting prices here are reduced by 10%.


Dor County, WI

This picturesque peninsula is located on Lake Michigan and is dotted with many ice cream stands, small restaurants with great views. The peak of visitors to this place is in July, in October tourists come here to admire the autumn leaves. But in September this is also a fabulous place, the air temperature reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 Celsius), the water is still warm, and the crowds of tourists have already left, which leads to a significant decrease in prices - by almost 40%.


Panama City, FL

White sand beaches are especially popular in spring, by September the number of tourists decreases, prices fall by 14%, but the air temperature still remains very comfortable, reaching 80 degrees Fahrenheit (around 27 Celsius).



The world capital of live music rages festivals throughout the year, by the end of autumn their number decreases, and prices are also reduced by an average of 10%.


River Tour Europe

In December, you can find very good deals on river cruises in Europe, prices are reduced by 36%. In the cool European weather of this month, you will be warmed by traditional winter wonders and festive pre-Christmas mood on ships.

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