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Low-cost airlines, hostels and all-inclusive: how not to save on travel

In order to profit on a trip, avid travelers are sometimes ready to almost dance with a tambourine - delete the history in the browser and stay awake on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, many of the popular ways to save money are no different from street tales and will only help you poke a hole in your pocket. decided to figure out what prejudices about travel it is high time to get rid of.

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1. It is profitable to fly by low-cost airlines

Although the ticket is cheaper, before purchasing it, it is worth taking a closer look - are there any pitfalls here? Indeed, often the price simply does not include either the transportation of luggage, or meals on board, or even the right to take carry-on luggage with you or change seats. The surcharge for baggage at the airport can be up to $ 25, which completely covers the amount that could be saved on such a ticket.

It happens that people think that they have saved, but already at the airport they face endless delays and cancellations of flights, and this ultimately costs more, because it is not always possible to change the ticket.

2. The earlier you book a ticket, the cheaper it will be

It makes no sense to book a ticket six months in advance in an attempt to save money, because airlines, as a rule, set starting prices at the regular fare. On the other hand, booking tickets at the last minute is fraught with overpayment. Prices usually start to rise 2 weeks before departure.

It is most beneficial to look for tickets about 3 weeks before departure. For such a period, it is quite possible to catch the most advantageous offer. In order not to miss price reductions, you can use special alert apps.

3. Hostel is the most profitable way to rent housing

Airbnb deals are often cheaper than hostels. In addition, apartments usually have a kitchen and a laundry room, which allows you to save on food and luggage. You can stay with local residents for free if you use the couchsurfing service. If we are talking about long term rentals, then it is better to look at the local notice board.

For example, in Budapest you can use Budapest Rent and Apartments of Budapest. Prices on such sites will be lower, because they are designed for locals, not tourists. Another option is to join the Erasmus Facebook group and try to find accommodation there.

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4. You need to look for housing outside the city

This should be done only for your own pleasure, when you prefer peace and quiet, but not to save money. Travel is often expensive, and if you spend the difference every day to get to the city, is the game worth the candle and precious time?

In the center, you can always find offers with a reasonable price, which will allow you to stay within walking distance of all the most interesting in the city.

5. Tours are not worth the money

Often, it is the tours that offer the best value for money. A trip with all the same entertainment and hotels would be more expensive for a solo traveler. Tours offer recreational activities that typically cost thousands of dollars. For example, go on a safari and see Victoria Falls for $ 1.

Trips often include guide services, food, and transportation. Thanks to such offers, you can get experiences that would be difficult to organize on your own, such as a hot air balloon ride. Or easily get to places where public transport does not go.

6. Buying in duty-free is cheaper

Once upon a time, shopping at duty-free shops served as a consolation if a flight was delayed. But a recent study found that only 10% of goods can be purchased at airports cheaper than online. Duty free points do not offer huge discounts or especially low prices. The whole point of duty-free shopping is that the seller is not taxed, so he gets a lot of benefits. But this does not mean at all that there you can find the desired product at a cheaper price.

7. "All inclusive" means that you pay only once

While most costs can be covered by a down payment, the catch is always in the details, so it's important to find out exactly what is included in the base rate. Sometimes even Wi-Fi is not included in the package of services, and you have to pay extra for it on the spot or show miracles of dexterity and ingenuity to get online.

To understand what exactly you will receive upon arrival, it is imperative to read the small print on the hotel website. In addition, some resorts offer such a wide range of hotels and restaurants that staying at one of these hotels can make your vacation both cheaper and more varied.

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8. Currency must be changed in advance

It is worth exchanging in advance only a small amount, which will be enough to travel from the airport to the hotel. After all, the exchange of national currency at home is usually more expensive than at the destination. Obtaining currency from an ATM abroad is usually the easiest and most profitable way.

You can also use a bank card either to withdraw cash or to pay for goods. This is beneficial due to the fact that currency conversion takes place at the interbank exchange rate.

9. It is cheaper to book several round-trip tickets at once

Once upon a time, round trip bookings were indeed cheaper, but due to fierce price competition between airlines, it may now be that a one-way ticket will be cheaper. Therefore, it is always worth checking prices.

Booking for several persons does not affect the price either. However, it is worth buying tickets for each family member separately, because if the number of offers at the lowest price ends, then you will automatically be sold a ticket with a higher cost. This method is not suitable for those who need to sit next to each other during the flight.

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10. Internet reviews can be trusted

Reviews are often written under the influence of emotion or circumstance. For example, the reviews of travelers directly depend on whether they are traveling with a company or not: members of groups or traveling with a family leave the best ratings in comparison with those who are on a business trip or wandering alone.

In addition, the rating is influenced by the neutrality of the participants. For example, more negative reviews on TripAdvisor come from the most popular accounts, because they need to somehow maintain the reputation of "professional" travelers, and this is easiest to do with the help of criticism. We must not forget about impostors who leave ratings for money. About 1 in 15 reviews come from a user who is not really familiar with the product at all.

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