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DV-2023 green card lottery: why there are still no registration dates and what to do for those wishing to participate

It's already the end of September, but potential immigrants are still in the dark, since the US Department of State has not yet announced the start date for registration for the green card lottery. They usually become known in early to mid September, but something went wrong this year.

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It is worth noting that there is no information about the cancellation of the lottery either, which means that its drawing will still take place, but when exactly is still in question. The reason for the delay in the release of the dates is also not known.

Registration usually opens in early October and lasts until early November. This means that there is not much time left before the start. For example, last year registration for participation began on October 7 and ended on November 10. In 2019, the campaign ran from October 2 to November 5. And before that, due to technical problems, the dates were postponed, and registration took place from October 18 to November 22.

Important! The start dates for the green card lottery will be published only on the official website of the US Department of State -

You don't need to pay anything for participation and application, they are absolutely free. If someone asks you for money, they are scammers. At the same time, you can apply for participation in the green card lottery only on the official lottery website - (earlier it was called

Taking advantage of the confusion, scammers try to gain access to your data and charge you a registration fee. At the same time, many create their own sites and offer to register on them right now.

On the subject: Due to processing delays, thousands of green card lottery winners may lose their winnings

They are capable of using your personal data for various fraudulent schemes or demanding money from you for services. Never submit applications on other sites, do not share your data with others to fill out an application and do not look for intermediaries.

Scammers try to create very good sites, with a lot of information on green cards, sometimes it can look like the original domain. For example, there is a site on the network (very similar to the old lottery domain It indicates that the last day of filing the application is October 17. And in the "header" of the site it is written that this is the official site - Official DV Lottery Green Card Program.

Screenshot of the site

It's worth noting that official sites never end with .com., Be sure to look for domains with .gov.

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Another example of a scam site is Here, the deadline for applications is also October 17. At the same time, the scammers did not forget to mention the COVID-19 pandemic and its negative impact on green card holders in the United States.

Screenshot of the site

It is further stated that the lottery will be held as usual, despite the coronavirus, and you can already register for participation only on this site.

Always check any information on the official sites and do not provide personal data if you are not sure if this is the resource you need.

The ForumDaily team will follow the updates, and as soon as the filing dates for applications become known, we will definitely publish them for our readers.

In the meantime, you can start preparing for filling out the application and study the detailed instructions in Russian on link.

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